Caption This Pic of Joey Graceffa’s Bloody Good Fun!

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It looks like Joey Graceffa is having a bloody good time! Recently, our YouTube host took to Instagram to share this uber-creepy pic with the caption “I’m not a psycho… Oh wait yes I am!” If we had to guess, Joey is up to something for his potential upcoming horror series, Storytellers! Regardless, you have to admit seeing him covered in blood and wearing that huge bow tie caught your eye! Here’s your moment to let your funny side shine! How would you caption this?



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  • Eurydice

    How in the world did he get that out of his hair?

  • Mo

    Donate to my kickstarter or you will be next.

  • Geeky Chic Girl

    Oh… so that wasn’t a ketchup on the table, how embarrassing to go on an Alice in Wonderland the musical like that

  • Codie Clark

    Revenge is never pretty

  • Sammy

    I’m secretly a vampire…

  • Ashisreallyawkward

    ‘Just my time of the month again’ 😀

  • Lauren

    I think he is covered in blood for a BlackBoxTV shoot!! (Thats what he said in a video anyway!).

    • emilyyy

      he looks hot lol

  • Erika

    You’re next