Caption This Pic of Miley Cyrus’ Sassy Airport Arrival!

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Miley Cyrus is living the life of a jet-setting celebrity, and has got the Instagram to prove it. Recently, Miley traveled from L.A. to NYC so she could perform on Good Morning America, and showed off a pic of her getting off the plane. Miley’s caption read, “#GMA I HAVE ARRIVED!” It looks like she’s about to fly off the plane herself! What goes through your mind when you see this pic? Here’s your moment to let your funny side shine! How would you caption this?



What’s Up With Miley’s Twitter?

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7 Responses to "Caption This Pic of Miley Cyrus’ Sassy Airport Arrival!"

    Gaby valdovinos says:

    OMG I know right !!!! She seriously looks like a bird

    Dixie says:

    I can’t think of a pun but it looks exactly like Hannah Montana exiting her jet saying, “Hello, New York!” from Hannah Montana the movie…

    stephanie says:

    How’s my landing looking so far

    Emily says:

    Walk into the club like ‘what up, I got a mohawk’.

    laura says:

    OMG, why are you guys twerking without me?

    Sammy says:

    I’m here everybody! Now the party can start!

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