The Most Romantic Moments Stephenie Meyer Has Given Us

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Thanks to author Stephenie Meyer, our real-life ideas of love — and guys — are forever changed. And with the release of The Host on Blu-ray™, all those feelings are coming to the forefront yet again. (Jared Howe! Ian O’Shea! Sigh.) So, in celebration of all that is Stephenie Meyer’s book-turned-movie characters and scenes, we created the ultimate collection of cutest couple moments from The Host and The Twilight Saga.

The Host: Dancing in the Rain
Or, to be more precise, dancing and kissing in the rain.

Open Road Films

Open Road Films

Twilight: Prom Night
Can you imagine Edward Cullen asking you, “Is it not enough just to have a long and happy life with me?” Melt.



The Host: THIS!
“I miss the future I might have had with you.” #dying

New Moon: Bella Saves Edward
In total Romeo & Juliet fashion, Edward believes Bella to be dead, so he wishes to sacrifice himself to the Volturi by exposing his sparkly vampire body in Italy. But just before he does, Bella runs through a crowd — and fountain! — to cover him and urge him inside. Love at its finest.

The Host: The Slap
Because that’s the moment Jared realizes Melanie’s still in her body. Somewhere.

Breaking Dawn – Part 1: The Wedding
Introducing… Mr. and Mrs. Cullen! ‘Forever’ can finally begin.



The Host is now available on Blu-ray™. For more details, visit the movie’s official Facebook page.

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