Man Arrested for Claiming “Taylor Swift is with Satan” at Her Concert

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Twitter (@taylorswift13)

Twitter (@taylorswift13)

Wonder if she knew this guy was trouble when he walked in. At Taylor Swift‘s Red tour performance in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the singer received an unwarranted remark from one of the concert-goers sitting in the crowd, which led to his arrest during the musical event.

According to the police, 28-year-old Joseph Jackson threatened the “Begin Again” singer on Facebook, and brought posters to her show, one reading “I luv you” and the other stating “Taylor Swift is with Satan.”

After he was nabbed, he continued to tell law enforcement that “Taylor Swift is Satan and that 6,000 years is six days and death comes on the sixth day, so Taylor Swift is in danger.” Though no weapons were found on Joseph, the cops took him to jail where he will face a mental evaluation.

This isn’t the only threat Taylor’s received in recent months. Back in May, a 22-year-old male was spotted swimming to the country crooner’s Rhode Island beachfront property. He was taken into custody for trespassing.

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In better news, we spent an entire day with Taylor Swift’s Red tourmate, Ed Sheeran!

Wait ’til You See Taylor Swift’s Unwelcome Sign…

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  • Lizzy

    He was staking her you do have a freedom of speech and library its good that he got arrested he might have been a immigrant and maybe he has no life

  • Jenna

    Best part is technically he could sue them for the arrest, having a sign like that is freedom of speech & freedom of religion. He legally did nothing wrong, but procured his religious beliefs towards T. Swift. Is he mentally unstable, maybe, was he dangerous at all. No. He didn’t have weapons on him, he was just a concert go-er stating his personal opinion of her on a sign. I hope he sues her management, the police, or the security at the concert. Those peoples actions were the wrong one’s. If anything the people who arrested him just took away his constitutional rights.

  • Samar

    That’s absolutely ridiculous and I’d just like to point out that if she was “Satan”, he’d basically be supporting her considering he actually bought a ticket to her show in the first place. Oh gosh haha.

  • ashley


  • Sammy

    This is creepy!

    • liz

      oh my