New Clips from the “Under the Gun” Episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

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If you saw the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, then you know that Hanna was taken away — in handcuffs! for attempting to bury her dad's gun (which her mother had hidden in the back of her closet). But, based on one of the clips you're about to see, she doesn't stay locked up in jail… for now, anyway.

As for the rest of the girls, someone else has entered Aria's life, Emily's apparently annoyed with Spencer, and Spencer (sorta) solves another piece in the Alison puzzle. Watch all of the PLL clips below and see!

Caleb Comes to Hanna's Rescue

Aria Has Another New Guy in Her Life

Spencer Reveals Who Ali Was Calling in York County

Quiz: Which Member of the 'A' Team Are You Most Like?

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