Cory Monteith Cause of Death Revealed: Overdose of Heroin and Alcohol

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While fans are still reeling over the death of Glee star Cory Monteith, we finally have a cause behind his untimely passing. According to the BC Coroners Service, via E! Online, a deadly combination of heroin and alcohol were found in his system, which lead to his death.

Cory’s body was found at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in downtown Vancouver on Saturday July 13, after missing his scheduled check out time. Security video shows Cory returning to the room by himself the previous evening. Also, Barb McClintock — a Coroners Service spokeswoman — said the “investigation into Monteith’s death is ongoing and no further information will be released until its conclusion.”

In fact, Cory’s autopsy was fast tracked due to the intense public interest. What usually can take a couple of weeks, only took the Coroners a few days in this case. It was also mentioned by the Coroner that “At this point there is no evidence to suggest Mr. Monteith’s death was anything other than a most-tragic accident.”

It’s no secret that Cory struggled with addiction, as he first revealed his drug and alcohol problems back in 2011. While he had been on the straight and narrow for quite some time, he checked himself back in to rehab earlier this year for about a month of treatment.

Art might have imitated life a little too much in his final film, McCanick, where he played a drug dealing hustler. In addition to his final film, the future of Glee is still somewhat uncertain, as it was reportedly scheduled to resume filming in the next couple of weeks. However, it was confirmed that Glee‘s sister show, The Glee Project, was just cancelled, though producers ensure it had nothing to do with Cory’s death.

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  • Snugglebunny

    RIP Cory, you are sadly missed. If you only knew how shaken and saddened I still am nearly a year on.

  • Kassandra

    RIP cory……you’ll be missed

  • Lizzy

    I just wish he had more time with us and lea Michelle.. I hope the producers of glee out the episodes with Cory in because it’d mean so much to everybody to “see” cory again.

  • Ria

    It’s sad that he felt the need to take drugs and ended up dead because he had so much talent and could have done even more than he already did. RIP Cory.

  • Jacqueline A.

    He had drunk and taken drugs before he passed away. But he had been an amazing and inspired person before he did those. Farewell Cory, rest in Peace :_)

  • Celeste

    This breaks my heart.

  • Megan

    Yes he took drugs. Yes he drunk. But he was still an amazing actor and person and i hope he is remembered for that and not for drugs and drink. R.I.P Cory :’)

  • Tia

    It’s sad that he felt the need to do this .We all need to remember that he was a great person inside and out and NOT that he made the decision to overdose .The press and bring celebs up Just to crash them back to the ground .RIP Cory .Always remembered,Never forgotten

  • Tia

    It’s really sad,The press bring celebrities up ,Just to crash them back down again.He had his whole life ahead of him. He felt the need to overdose ?!? That is crazy.He was a great person inside and out and that is what people need remember .Not that he overdosed .RIP Cory .Always remembered ,Never forgotten .

  • Sammy

    RIP Cory!