Fans Are Fuming Over the Latest Taylor Swift-Mocking Shirt

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Bad Kids Clothing

Bad Kids Clothing

People still haven’t learned that if you take a jab at Taylor Swift, the claws will come out.

While trying to not-so-subtly take a dig at the “Red” singer by posting the names of some of her famous exes, like Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles (SIDE NOTE: Cory Monteith‘s name was reportedly removed after his sudden passing this past weekend), Lex Houser and Andi Cross, who run Bad Kids Clothing, suffered from the wrath of the Swifties.

Though the tee was allegedly meant as a joke and wasn’t even posted on the clothing line’s official site (just on Instagram), the 23-year-old’s megawatt fanbase attacked the designers with email subjects like “OFFENSIVE TAYLOR SWIFT SHIRT – TAKE IT DOWN!” And comments like, “You are getting a lot of hate. If I were you, I would give in and make a shirt that DOESN’T call people sluts.” Whoa.

This comes just one month after Abercrombie & Fitch experienced similar reactions to its “#more boyfriends than t.s.” tee. Teen readers voted and said it was hilarious, but dedicated T.Swift fans clearly thought otherwise and petitioned for the company to take down the design. Since then, the shirt has become “no longer available.”

In other Taylor Swift news, we spent an entire day with her Red tourmate, Ed Sheeran!

Quiz: Test Your Taylor Swift Knowledge!

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  • Darrenlyn

    Taylor put herself in this situation. A&F didn’t date half the entertainment industry. TS did. So calm your tits. If you bite don’t be surprised if someone bites back.

  • ELA


  • Emely

    if she is honestly selling it, it would be wrong, if she wasn’t, then i guess it’s ok

  • Cady

    offensive, wrong info, ugly. Fashion dont use ppl’s name or personal info in a wrong and rude way to make money. Bad Kids Clothing just like to piss Swifties off and get some attention. Stupid brand!

  • Jenna

    It`s just a t-shirt no like its on a billboard.There is no resson to be crying about.

  • Joanna

    I wouldn’t buy it for her, I’d buy it because “Jonas” is first 😉 I love JB

  • Erin

    This is fantastic I want to buy it!

  • Megen

    You’re missing Mayer..

  • TOR


    • Kennedie

      Haha that’s what I was thinking!!!!