‘The Vampire Diaries’ Teases Bigger Villains Than Silas in Season 5

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The CW

The CW

The finale episode of The Vampire Diaries, Season 4 majorly tugged at the heartstrings of avid TVD watchers. Last we saw, Stefan’s locked away — and drowning! — thanks to his doppelganger, Silas. But, as much as the first immortal being in the world sucked to holy hell, he’s supposedly not the worst we’ll see on the show.

According to TV Guide, Executive Producer Julie Plec says of Season 5 Silas, “He still wants to get free from what he calls ‘this stinking 2,000-year-old immortal life.’ He still hopes to die, to cross over to the other side, and be with his true love” thereby throwing “a wrench in things” for Mystic Falls’ resident vamps, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Julie continues, “He’s causing the most trouble at the beginning of the season, for sure, but by no means is he the biggest villain.” Dun dun dun…

The Vampire Diaries, Season 5 premieres on Thursday, October 10. Until then, tell us your thoughts on Silas. What do you think will happen with Stefan? Spill in the comments below, or on our Vampire Diaries message board!

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  • yasmine

    The last episode was so amazing cuz I did not see that comming!! i think they’ll all figure it out pretty soon and go on a hunt for stephan but he will probably use him as bargening to get to the other side. Excited for season 5 Can’t imagine what’s worse then silas 😀

  • Erin

    The finale was totally like an episode of Angel! Really, it was pretty much the exact same at the very end! haha

  • Sammy

    I’m excited to watch!