Send Us Your Questions For the ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ Cast!

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Fox 2000 Pictures

Fox 2000 Pictures

With Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters heading to theaters soon — there’s only, like, two weeks, people! — get ready to see the cast legit everywhere, including on…!

That’s right, your favorites from the franchise, Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario, along with the film’s director, Thor Freudenthal, will be coming to New York City, and we’ll be right there to interview ‘em. Have any questions you’re just dying to ask? (We’re looking at you, Lermaniacs.) Good because all you gotta do is leave your creative and/or generally amazing Qs in the comments below, or tweet us @teen, hashtag #TeenPercyJackson.

P.S. Be sure to post your question(s) by Thursday, July 25 at 10pm EST. We promise, we’ll read every single one of ‘em (and just might pick yours to ask)!

Watch the trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters!

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45 Responses to "Send Us Your Questions For the ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ Cast!"

    Kassie says:

    How do you feel about your old YouTube videos?

    Kassie says:

    To: Logan
    Which character in the films you’ve been in are you most like?

    blair says:

    To both Logan and Alexandra:
    Were you both fans of the books before the movie and if so what was your favorite scene to portray from book to movie?

    Elea says:

    are kissing scenes awkward?

    Jessie says:

    To Logan: What do you like about your character’s personality?

    Sophie says:

    Was this movie more action pack then the last one? Also, was it fun to be your character again or be a new character in this half-blood world?

      Samara says:

      Haha… you so smart!! I also not a fan of coieoks. not even the drop coieoks. But ti’s for the sake of my son’s bday cake…I stil have so many cookie cutters sitting in the compartments. dono when will I use them.

    Anne says:

    Are Alexandra and Logan dating!??

    Nadia says:

    To Alexandra
    Would you say you are similar to Anabeths character in real life ?

    Nadia says:

    To logan
    Would you say you are similar to Percy’s character in anyway ?

    Nadia:) says:

    To Logan
    What do you enjoy most about playing thr character Percy xx

    Laima says:

    To Logan.
    Which is your favourite film you have worked on?

    Laima says:

    Question to Logan.
    Who are your favourite musicians and bands(apart from Dr. Dog;))?

    Jessie says:

    How do y’all like working together? Is it fun to act and play in the Percy Jackson movies?

    Paula says:

    How was playing Charlie on the Perks of Being a Wallflower different from Percy Jackson? What do you do to prepare yourself to embody such different characters?

      Katherin says:

      just tried out your recipe, first time baknig cookies! Took out the dough too early and had to redo. Also the 1st batch was slightly burnt. now waiting to do the second batch. Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

    Ryan Simpson says:

    How did you get the role of Percy and what was your initial reaction when you got the role?

    Ryan Simpson says:

    How did you get the role for Percy and what was your initial reaction when you got it?

    Pricila says:

    What are your favorite top three favorite movies of all time? :)

    Leo says:

    What do you like about playing Percy Jackson?

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