Ashley Benson Sparks Debate After Mimicking Amanda Bynes on Instagram

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Instagram (@itsashbenzo)/Inset: Twitter (@AmandaBynes)Her Pretty Little Liars character's been in hot water with the press on multiple occasions, so we wonder if any of that faux scrutiny prepared Ashley Benson for the controversy she just feuled in real life…

The same week Amanda Bynes was taken in for a mental health evaluation (after starting a fire in someone's driveway, and soaking her puppy in gasoline), the 23-year-old PLL actress posted a picture on her Instagram page mocking the former Nickelodeon star. The caption under the photo reads, "Doing my Amanda Bynes look this afternoon."

Although many believe the snapshot was meant to be in good fun, others are outraged that the Spring Breakers girl would poke fun at someone who may have a serious illness:

"Amanda has a mental disorder, this pic’s kinda mean," said one Instagrammer. "Taking the mick out of Amanda like that is pretty low!! It's a form of bullying and you've practically humiliated her," said another.

However, there are others who rushed to Ashley's defense: "Yes, this is kind of bullying, but I don't think it was intentional. You guys are bullying her too! By hating on her for making one wrong move! Amanda Bynes made even bigger mistakes! God. Leave them both alone."

Where do you fall in the AB/AB debate? Tell us all of your honest opinions in the comments below. We want to know!

UPDATE: Ashley Benson has addressed said issue on Twitter, saying: "To clear up the whole Instagram thing, I had no idea what her situation was. Truly sorry if I offended anyone."

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  • olivia

    i think both are in the wrong. Amanda has clearly done some crazy things and made many many dumb decisions and yeah, you can joke, but Amanda really does have mental issues, they said she has schizophrenia which is very serious but also very common in that age group and making fun of Amanda (even though she can deserve it), is bullying and is wrong but that being said i don’t believe Ashley meant it as bullying and was probably doing it all in good fun so I don’t think people should be bullying Ashley for that because she wasn’t aware of Amanda’s situation. all in all, people need to leave Ashley AND Amanda alone and let’s just move on with life.

  • aspyn

    i agree with the person who was defending Ashley on instagram! i know this was bad to mock Amanda but she has done some crazy things and people will mock her about it. my problem is Amanda was an amazing actress but she turned her whole life around with some dumb decisions. and this is why shes in the situation shes in now.

  • Summer

    I don’t think Ashley meant any harm at all with the pic, if she said she didn’t know anything about it then she probably didn’t.

  • Amber

    People do stuff like this everyday and since Ashley is in the the social light she gets trashed for it? If it was any other person on the internet there wouldn’t be a word said about it. How is it that other people can make mistakes and post something and they get no reaction but the minute she does it an uproar of instagramers judge her for it. Although what she did wasn’t the best influence for some young teenagers, she shouldn’t be harassed for one simple mistake. Why not treat her like any normal person? Comedians smash other celebs all the time I don’t see the repercussions of those people. And you have to admit it made someone out there laugh.

  • Samantha

    Yes, what Ashley did was kind of bullying, but compared to the things that Amanda has done ( like soaking her puppy in gasoline) that’s nothing! I agree with Mary, that’s what she gets for doing all those things. IT”S CALLED KARMA.

  • Random Girl

    Guys, leave the situation alone. Ashley posted it for fun. Meaning it as a joke. Amanda posted it basically asking for people to make fun of her. Because obviously, how could you not with that face. Amanda is a mess now, a lot of people miss her old self, but she’s gone down the line of messed up stars. It’s no one’s fault. Not Ashley’s. Not Amanda’s. I thought it was funny that Ashley posted that picture. She didn’t mean harm to anybody. So just forget this whole situation. Amanda posted her with that look. Does it mean that no one will make fun of her or hate her because of that? No.

  • Dylan

    I Think Ashley Needs a pat on the back because even though it is kinda bullying, Amanda is bulling too and she kinda deserves it.

  • Jackie

    It is a weird face. I just don’t know what to say about it except, people have the right to share their opinion.

  • Alice

    In comparison to some of the things that Amanda has said on twitter I really think that Ashley’s comment isn’t that bad. Although it is kind of mean to make fun of someone with a mental illness she says she had no idea of Amanda’s situation. The media and gossip sites are not much kinder about Amanda and her illness anyway.

  • Henri

    Why could she make fun of everyone but others can make fun of her? xD

  • Sammy

    I’m sure Ashley didn’t mean to offend Amanda at all. It was just a joke.

  • Stefan

    I’m glad she did it, it won’t even fill a hole from what Amanda had done on twitter…

  • olivia

    i know it’s rude, but it’s also funny.. and how come people thinks it’s okay for amanda to make fun of everyone, but when someone makes fun of her, they get criticised?

  • Virginia Whitney

    Initially I thought it was funny, but then I thought twice and I think this is bullying. I am sorry.

  • thao truong

    i think it funny and rude at the same time

  • steph

    Oh. Its okay for Amanda Bynes to make fun of everyone else. But whe. Someone mocks her….its the ned of the world. What crap is that -__-

  • InĂªs

    I’m pretty sure Ashley didn’t know about what happened – at least I didn’t. She already apologized on twitter, so I think the story should end here.

  • Zoey

    Everyone is hating on Ashley and she did nothing wrong

  • Mary

    I don’t think people should be so offended by it. Honestly in my opinion I think Amanda deserves to be mocked. She is making dumb decisions in her life and she deserves the mockery.