Jamie Campbell Bower & Lily Collins Break-Up Rumors Emerge. Weigh in!

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Let us preface this by saying that we are pro-Jamily (a.k.a. the relationship between Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins). But after a brief debate between readers (see it in the comments here), we felt that it was necessary to call out the fact that there are break-up rumors facing the twosome from The Mortal Instruments. So, what we’re here to do is to give you all the details as we know it, then you tell us your thoughts.

MAY 2013 — Walking hand-in-hand at the “PUNK: Chaos To Couture” Costume Institute Gala



JULY 2013 — Cozy pictures with model Zina Charkoplia surface. Note that some of the photos can be found on Zina’s Instagram, so there was no effort to hide. Plus a photographer reportedly confirmed that the kissing snapshots were from a shoot.

Twitter (@Zina_Zina)

Instagram (@zinafashionvibe)

JULY 2013 — The two jet off to Comic-Con on separate sides of the plane, yes, that’s true. But they show no difficulties taking pictures side-by-side for the Mortal Instruments panel, or doing promotion for the movie on the mall tour.

Twitter (@KevinZegers)

Twitter (@KevinZegers)

JULY 2013 (again) — Lily’s Seventeen story debuts with her saying that her and Jamie “made a conscious decision to go out and live life. I’m not one to hide anything, but I don’t feel the need to comment directly on it… I think it would be a shame to not live in the moment and not enjoy everything that’s happening in fear of other people’s opinions.” HOWEVER, we do understand that this story interview was conducted months ago.



Both stars have been keeping a professional attitude when it comes to talking about each other in regard to the TMI franchise. But other than that, it’s apparently unclear to onlookers. Fans, what do you think of the rumors? Do you believe it’s “painfully obvious that they are no longer dating” like Teen reader Prince suggests? Or are you more like Teen reader Benzo who believes that they’re still and item and “are sweet together and people should really leave them to it?” Tell us your Jamily thoughts in the comments below!

Aww, Lily Collins admits she looks up to Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence!

Lily Collins Rejects Logan Lerman. Ouch.

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31 Responses to "Jamie Campbell Bower & Lily Collins Break-Up Rumors Emerge. Weigh in!"

  1. Teen.com
    Mariah says:

    I like to think of them as if they are still together because have you seen the way they have been acting before the break up it seemed like they were in love. Plus what if they did not break up what if all the videos, pics and facts are just rumors or made up by other people, because you can only get the real truth if you ask them. Also even if they did break up I will hope that they still have feelings for each other and that hopefully they will get back together. But then again this is not a game it is real life.

  2. Teen.com
    Hannah says:

    Actually, I got upset because they did break. Im fan yet they thereby The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Hopefully they do not just break because, as a fan of Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, painful as they break, right?! So, would not that just happens … , If possible they would return again as boyfriend and girlfriend … Im so disappoint.

    • Teen.com
      Mariah says:

      Same with me so sad and disappointed but I have a feeling that its not true that they broke up plus even if to was I know that later in life they will have feelings for each other and get back together. Hopefully.

  3. Teen.com
    Danna says:

    I just hope that the break up was mutual and that they are still friends because i loved them as jace and clary and it would break my heart that the amazing vibe and energy they had with each other would be ruin and replace by awkardness or worst hate, and i really dont think jamie is a douche. If he has certain ways to get over people fast he most has his reasons and me as a fan of the books espect nothing but a great performance from both of them in the movie, since their break shouldn’t affect their acting since that would be unprofessional and they would dissapoint millions of fans.

  4. Teen.com
    Maddie says:

    I honestly ship Jamie and Lily so much , but since they broke up I guess that’s their choice but really I thought they were so cute together.

  5. Teen.com
    haley wilson says:

    i think they should be left alone to make there owne desicion in there love live but they did go well together and if they are reading this i just wanted to say hi and loved the movie and really wanted to meet u but life isnt fair good luck and p.s jamie loved that song waiting and heartbreaker .

  6. Teen.com
    Heidi says:

    I have to agree tleabe them alone there done. Good if not same answer. ;)

  7. Teen.com
    Mb says:

    i just don’t understand why so many people are ready to insult Jamie when no one not even his BIGGEST fans will ever no the truth of what happened everyone can pull together all the evidence they want from pics and promotional tour videos but at the end of the day none of it is actually concrete evidence? the only people who know the truth and the only people who should know the truth is Lily and Jamie, tbh its not of our business, im just glad im not one of these people who insults celebs on the internet over there personal lives when they don’t know the truth when its all just speculation. I think there both incredible actors, and there going to do a great job with the TMI as i’m a MASSIVE fan, i also thought they were really good together but that’s as far as our opinions should go.

  8. Teen.com
    Mb says:

    i just dont understand why so many people are ready to insult Jamie when no one not even his BIGGEST fans will ever no the truth of what happened everyone can pull together all the evidence they want from pics and promotional tour videos but at the end of the day none of it is actually concrete evidence? the only people who know the truth and the only people who should know the truth is Lily and Jamie, tbh its not of our business, im just glad im not one of these people who insults celebs on the internet over there personal lives when they don’t know the truth when its all just speculation. I think there both incredible actors, and there going to do a great job with the TMI as im a MASSIVE fan, i also thought they were really good together but that’s as far as our opinions should go.

  9. Teen.com
    Dyne says:

    I think they are over and just putting on the professional face. When the pics of Jamie and Zina first came out I had just seen the ones of them hugging. People on twitter were saying that Zina was a friend and the picture appeared to be that of two friends just hugging. No crime in that….yet the kissing pic changed my opinion. It gave the appearance of being very intimate. I looked at Zina’s face and was like she is liking this a bit too much. When Jamie supposedly clarified saying that this was a photoshoot I wasn’t buying it. It made no sense and still doesn’t to be honest. If you give Jamie the benefit of the doubt and believe that it was just a photoshoot then he surely used poor judgment. Jamie knows how everything goes viral so quickly. He and Lily may not be on Brangelina level type celebrity status they are known and this wouldn’t look good for him or his relationship with Lily.

    I watched them them at SDCC and though she may have sat next to him I agree with the other posters it all seemed very professional. Their vibe just seemed different. My friend who is a fan of the books and likes Jamie and Lily felt the same way as I did. I agree with previous comments that Lily and Jamie aren’t shy around paps and we have no couple pics of them. They do interact with each other but they are promoting a film and are professionals. My belief is that as soon as Mortal Instruments promo is over we will see Jamie out and about with another woman whether it’s Zina or someone else. Jamie and Lily did make a cute couple.

  10. Teen.com
    Masie says:

    I’ve been Jamie’s fan for years and to be honest I want him and lily to break up. But following him as I do. I think it’s rather obvious they haven’t. By the way, some lily fans need to get their heads out their own arses (fugly douche? You clearly don’t know wnytht about Jamie you just listen to gossip and rumours)
    Jamie doesn’t mention his girlfriend’s on Twitter EVER.
    The Portugal images were a photoshoot. The photographer admitted this. Why would Jamie cheat when it’s so public?
    If Jamie cheated Lily would NOT be so comfortable around him on this TMI tour.
    Have you seen any of those personal pictures? I think it’s rather obvious they are still together. Jamie and Lily share a hotel room (a girl who went to meet them at their hotel confirmed this) whereas Kevin had his own.
    When I was at the Minn stop of their tour they were being affectionate with each other.

    Nobody is looking at the actual evidence they are just inventing their own bullcrap stories and spreading them around on forums like this to make Jamie look like a bad person. Anyone who really knows anything about Jamie knows he would never hurt a fly.
    And people ask me why I dislike his playing Jace and dating lily? It’s because of all this unnecessary talk by people who think they know everything when really they do not.

    P.s. Jamie and Bonnie split in April. He moved out of their house in APRIL. The press only learned about it in late July because he started dating lily and obviously he couldnt not tell the press because then he would get the ‘cheater’ name.

    Jamie doesn’t like people interfering in his life, hes an actor, not a reality star or fame personality

    • Teen.com
      SW says:

      I’ve read the same account and the the girl who went to their hotel to see them said Kevin came down first, then Jamie, then Lily and they all came down several minutes apart. She never said they were sahring a hotel room. a hotel room.

    • Teen.com
      jaemy says:

      Lol, Bonnie and Jamie broke up in JUNE. Not April, they were still pictured together in May! Bonnie and Jamie broke up beginning of June as that was when he stopped wearing his engagement ring Bonnie had given him. I say this as a fan of Jamie’s and trust me I know they were still together in April, lmfao. I love the guy but he goes through girlriends ridiculously fast. Moved on from Zoe in a month. Bonnie in a month and Lily in a month. He and Lily always looked fake together anyway. He was best with Zoe. He recently followed Zoe on twitter. Hope they get back together tbh.

  11. Teen.com
    Lena says:

    Nobody knows.

    The thing with whoever that girl was in Portugal probably WAS a photoshoot. Celebrities who cheat don’t usually go and proudly post pictures of themselves cheating on Instagram. Plus people’s “evidence” for the breakup is stupid. “They sat with other people on the plane.” Actually if you look, the plane is set up with four seats facing each other, and they’re sitting facing each other, next to other people. That’s not weird for a couple. And in fact they have never been enormously demonstrative in public, and them being all over each other during press wouldn’t be professional. Lily referred to Jamie as “her man” on Irish TV as recently as what, a month ago?

    I don’t know if they are together or not, but the one thing I do know is nobody posting here knows either. People pretending to are just know it alls who like judging strangers. And calling Jamie a fugly douchebag? Hope you’re a better person than your comments here indicate.

    • Teen.com
      Chrissy says:

      I don’t think he cheated; I think he and Lily were already broken up, hence his fling with Zina was not cheating.

      It was not a photoshoot in the sense that it was selling something. Jamie purposely went to the photographer and asked to have the photos taken. The photographer even said they had no idea if Jamie and Zina were a couple or not. What guy does that if he has a girlfriend? Answer: not many, unless they want to cheat. So either Jamie cheated, or they were broken up. I’m going with broken up. This isn’t the first or even second girl he’s moved that fast on from.

      • Teen.com
        Alex says:

        Actually you can tell the picutre is very fake. Look at how he is kissing her. His lips are just kissing her top lip not her actual mouth. That’s an old trick I learned in acting class. It’s so you don’t actually share saliva with that person. So no the photo is just a job.

    • Teen.com
      SW says:

      Lol this isn’t true at all! Lily has never called Jamie “her man”. She’s never talked about their relationship before.That was actually an interviewer in England when Lily was promoting ‘Stuck in Love’ and she was talking about TMI and Jamie and the reviewer called him that but Lily just ignored that part and carried on talking about the movie.

      Like others have said Jamie’s an immature douche. He’s treated all his other girlfriends like crap and now he has disrespected Lily with this Zina ‘photoshoot’ garbage. I hope Lily has dumped him. She can do so much better than that ugly cheater.

    • Teen.com
      Audrey says:

      a photoshoot on a festival for days?

  12. Teen.com
    Sam says:

    I really hope they aren’t broken up because they were my favorite celeb couple and they are so cute together!

  13. Teen.com
    Lilly says:

    Honestly, everyone should just leave them alone. Let them sort this out.

  14. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    Lily and Jamie were actually cute together!

  15. Teen.com
    Kayla says:

    For Lily’s sake, I hope they’re broken up. JCB is a douche. He broke up with Bonnie Wright, then immediately told the paparazzi, KNOWING that she hates the press. This was a promotional relationship to get people interested in the movie, nothing more.

    • Teen.com
      christine says:

      I agree. He is a douche. I think the ONLY reason he’s not done anything too worrisome re: Lily is because he knows he has a job to do and that is to sell their couple in TMI. But even then, he couldn’t resist groping and kissing another girl within a month of breaking it off with Lily. I’ll never understand why he has fans, and it has nothing to do with his looks (which so many people pick on), but rather his personality. There’s nothing to like about him, he’s a straight up douche.

      • Teen.com
        Audrey says:

        I’m not surprise at all if has fans. If Justin Bieber can have 10M fans for being a spoiled rich big headed with a very small talent, everyone can.

  16. Teen.com
    Laurie says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think. I’d like to think they’re still together because they seem like such a wonderful couple but honestly I think just because they may not be all over each other or smothering each other with compliments means their broken up. And if they are broken up then I am still happy that they are trying to keep it professional. But I still think everyone should leave them to it because fans will support and love them as Jamie and Lily. That’s just my opinion and I may be right or wrong. But still.

    • Teen.com
      Mimi says:

      How stupid Lily if she’s still with him. This fugly is cheating on her if they’re still together. Considering his past relationships, they fugly man can’t stand without a girl for a day or two.

  17. Teen.com
    Chrissy says:

    I think it’s pretty clear they’re broken up. All their interactions since the pictures with Zina have been because of the promotion for their movie. Obviously they want it to sell, and they are the main two leads, so they still have a business to promote. But they’re not nearly as cuddly as before, they’ve not been papped holding hands or taking photos with just the two of them other than one EW promotional shot back at Comic-Con. And let’s be honest here Jamily fans: they’ve never shied away from being papped by the paparazzi before. Yet we’ve seen zilch since June. Notice that Jamie’s only talking about Kevin on his twitter too? You’d think Lily wasn’t even there.

    Besides, the “photoshoot” the photographer said she did was done because Jamie requested it. It wasn’t done to sell an item or anything of the sort, Jamie requested it because he was angry at his fans sending hate to his friend Zina. I don’t think Jamie and Zina are together, but I think they had a fling, which points to Jamie and Lily being done.

    • Teen.com
      SW says:

      From their interactions and Jamie making out with that girl I think they have broken up. To be fair they have always kept it completely professional during work related events and Jamie has never ever mentioned or had pictures of Lily on Twitter or his tumblr even when we knew they were together so him not mentioning her now doesn’t mean much. There are also not many paparazzi photos of them aside from during TMI filming because the paparazzi concentrate in the Yorkville area (That’s why there are so many pictures of Mia Wasikowska and Jesse Eisenberg because they are in the same area even though they are usually very rarely pictured in candids) so lack of pictures isn’t much of an indicator.

      Lily and Jamie are actors so they are going to be professional in front of the camera and they know they have a job to do. Maybe they are even still friends and as they are co-stars they are trying to remain comfortable around each other for work and so the other people they are working with do not feel awkward too.

      • Teen.com
        Chrissy says:

        Jamie pretty much abandoned twitter in general up until a few weeks ago, so saying he never mentioned Lily before is pretty much a given. But now he’s active. And continuously mentions Kevin, but not Lily.

        I think it’s pretty clear they’re broken up. I have no idea if it was an awkward break up or not, it could have been an amicable one, considering they have to promote a movie. But fans will remain in denial, much like Rob/Kristen fans remain in denial that they’re done. Only thing is, Jamie and Lily have a movie to sell, so they’ll still be pictured together and fans can continue to live in denial land.

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