VidCon 2013: How Well Do You Know Your Favorite YouTubers?

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VidCon is fast approaching, people, which means some of our all-time favorite YouTubers will be in the same room — like JacksGap, Smosh, Zoella and, of course, Teen hosts Joey Graceffa and Strawburry17! So, while we’re heading into this year’s big event, let’s test your knowledge of the biggest YouTubers, shall we?


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  • Aleshia

    I love it how PewDiePie has the most subscribers (30 million) and yet they don’t include him.

  • Joseph

    I hate how this site promotes Joey and Meghan soooo much. They dont even come close to the top youtubers, yet they are aways being pushed as “the greatest” and “celebs” If meghan were one of Vidcons greatest youtubers, she would have way more subscribers then she does.

  • [WI]

    Tay Zonday.
    He rocks couse hes one of those people who are not ignoring racism.

  • I don’t give a shit

    I didn’t read anything in this article nor do I care. I just wish someone would read this message and understand Smosh is not only Anthony. I hate having this clique constantly being shoved down people’s throat. Who cares if these nobodies were on a TV show? That means nothing to people like me who don’t watch TV show. Anthony, Kalel, and their friends can gtfo of youtube already. More Ian, Mari, and the S. Games boys.

    • Marisol

      I didn’t even get anything for this :( :( :(

  • jac

    srsly this is bs its only about like four people wtf dont tell me i dont know about youtubes top talents bc this only has four freaking people on it i havent even heard of zoella or strawberry whats her face. if this is a quiz about the top talents of youtube, wheres charlieissocoollike or danisnotonfire or shane dawson or freaking rooster teeth niga higa, yanno, the bigger, more well known names to name a few.

  • Alvin

    pewdiepie! and smosh! 😀 most awesome people on youtube

  • John

    Ryan Higa

  • nigelquek

    i am good at sport

  • Diana

    Ugh can’t they make some personality quizzes again? All there are are stupid trivia quizzes?

  • Amy

    I got Youtube Tolerable. I’d hardly call the people featured in the quiz Youtube’s “top talents” though, seeing as how only one is in the top 100. The quiz was good but was definitely biased to the same 5 Youtubers featured in i,t which is probably why most people got VidCon incompetent. I find this is really stupid because VidCon is open to everyone who’s a fan of Youtube in general, and there’s way more popular and awesome Youtuebrs I wish could have been featured in this quiz because lots of other fans can go to VidCon for them. My point is I just wish there was more diversity in the questions and that people shouldn’t be given the title Youtube Noobs just because they may not watch these youtuber’s in general.

  • Madeline

    Smosh duh, cuz they awesome

  • robert steers

    i got 60.0 % on my first try, not bad if i do say so my self 😀