GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend

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You can’t ignore that back-to-school is happening. Just pop into a Target or Walmart and you’ll already see those giant pencil posters pointing you in the direction of school supplies and heralding the end of summer (a.k.a. freedom). It’s a lot to handle, but it’s best to mentally prepare yourself. So here are some celebs who are right there with you, and will help you turn your frown… into a righteous fist-pump of victory.

Lily Collins is very overwhelmed (or maybe that’s just because The Mortal Instruments is coming out in a few weeks?). Hence, the tears and, erh, kicking.

mortal instruments lily collins

Just the thought of waking up at 6am is exhausting.

adorable kitten sleepy

But wait, who is that? Selena Gomez! She’s here to bring you happiness.

selena gomez balloon

Even if you’re basically Niall Horan and like, “What? What are you doing? I don’t need that.”

niall horan one direction

Oh, but you do. Just watch Katy Perry ham it up.

katy perry mustache

Or Josh Hutcherson smile. Look at that smile.

josh hutcherson laughing

Isn’t that the most wonderful GIF gift? And never forget, Taylor Swift loves you.
Even when drenched in water.

taylor swift kiss

Oh yes, you rock. VICTORY!!! Zendaya, please lead our glee-induced fist-pumping.

zendaya victory

GIFs to Celebrate the Last Few Weeks of Summer

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  • Marlene

    Hi Pete, thanks for cinemmtong.I do all my web design work on a laptop that doesn’t have Visual Studio installed, which rules out that feature. The command prompt thing probably would have worked, but truthfully I’ve never written a command more complex than ping into cmd. Didn’t even know searching files was possible. I blame generational issues: when I first used a computer, doing things with a command was already dead.Now that I’ve replaced that laptop with a Mac, Visual Studio, CMD and FindStringInDir are equally useless. At least it was a useful coding excercise. And yes, the folder isn’t indexed as it’s stored on a Network Attached Storage drive, which is super helpful but equally infuriating.

  • Austin

    LOL! So funny!

  • Angelique

    Love the niall horan one. Stay classy.

  • Zoe

    Love the niall horan one. Stay classy.

  • Nayla J.

    Lol Hilarious!! Its all my feelings exactly of going back to school. But the laughs helps a lot!

  • Ashley

    Josh Hutcherson is literally the most adorable thing ever!

  • ivory

    me and my lil bro r in hysterics from that KT PRY gif

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  • Victor

    niall’s gif is making me die of laughing

  • Taty.c.l

    this is awesome !!!!!

  • Sammy

    Josh looks adorable!

  • kat