Parents Call ‘The Hunger Games’-Themed Camp “Disturbing”

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Although The Hunger Games is one of the highest-ranked book series for teens today, as well as a much-talked-about film, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good influence on youth in everyday life. This is proving to be true as attendees of The Hunger Games-themed camp in Logo, Florida claim that they wish to torture each other in a fight to the “death.”

In an exchange between two 12-year-olds caught by Tampa Bay Times, one of the children said to the other, “I will probably kill you first.” The reply: “I might stab you.”

Although the interactions between all of the camp-goers may be all in good fun, many onlookers (especially parents) are disgusted by the notion, going so far as to call it “disturbing.”

Since the outpour of comments similar to the aforementioned, the camp has changed it’s policy slightly. Instead of “killing” each other, campers would “collect” lives. However, the “Tributes,” who are as young as 10 years old, continue to use more graphic terminology as the bloody sacrifices were the main focus of The Hunger Games.

What do you think of the idea? Is it appropriate? All in good fun? Watch the video below for footage from the camp below, then tell us in the comments!

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16 Responses to "Parents Call ‘The Hunger Games’-Themed Camp “Disturbing”"

    Antooh says:

    EVERYTHING. the hob, the reaping, Effie, the oenping ceremonies, the train,THE FOOD, the Capitol, the Capitol people, the interview, Ceaser Flickerman, the arena, the cornucopia, Cato, clove, the tracker jackers, rue, Katniss blowing up the supplies, rue dying and Katniss singing, Katniss covering rue in flowers, Katniss finding Peeta in the mud, Katniss and Peeta kissing, Katniss going to the feast, thresh saving her, Katniss and Peeta kissing again, the wolf mutts, the berries, Katniss and Peeta reunited after the games, Katniss seeing Haymitch, cinna, and Effie after the games, the final interview, Katniss holding peetas hand one last time for the cameras, dreading the moment when she finally has to let go…<3I totally agree with you well all of you!!! the clothes are the major thing I wanna see, with the sparkles.

    jhkasnb says:

    everyone who says this is ‘fun’ is clearly missing the point of the books and films. I’ve always thought of them as having strong moral messages about how bad violence is, but apparently every other teenager just sees this as ‘OMG!! Sooo fun!!’.

    Abby says:

    I think that it might be a little too serious but it’s cool anyway!

    GHynson says:

    Let them kill each other, less retarded teens in the world to deal with.
    First time one of them gets stabbed in the chest, it’ll change their mind completely.

    Jade says:

    My friends and I had a ‘Hunger Games’ and it was actually heaps of fun. We ended up focusing on the teamwork and fort building by the end of the day and it was more about tact than brute… but we did get some strange looks from random people at the park… I don’t know if it was the foam swords or the shields made of paper plates though…

    Josh says:

    If you has a few nerd swords and one or 2 nerd bows and some of those chestplate pieces you get in some of the nerd sets you can easily get a hunger games esque game going, some of my friends and I have done it before and it can be exciting with the right setting. But of course we’re all older and more mature. I think that 10 is a bit young for this, while I’m all for the idea, the age limit should me more around 13-14, because at that point you really are old enough to know that y aren’t REALLY trying to kill them, you know it survival not kill-spree.

    Virginia says:

    The books were not a celebration of the Hunger Games, they were a judgement of them.

    Sarah says:

    I agree that the kids should be older and of course understand the books and movies, but other than that I think it kind of sounds like fun. It is a game and games usually can get “brutal” amyway.

    marie says:

    I think this would be more appropriate for older teenage kids. Like this would be something fun I would want to go to since it’s all a game, however for kids this young i think it’s inappropriate and I don’t think it’s right.

    Katy says:


    Ryan says:

    The title of the video is extremely misleading, it makes it seem like the name of the game is death…but she said herself that the emphasis is not at all on death. People just trying to make a news story out of something harmless, smh.

    Sammy says:

    I don’t think it’s disturbing, but their activities could just be for children a little older. These games and stuff are meant to be fun, not disturbing.

      Mandy says:

      Are you kidding me?! That is so unbelievably disturbing, I don’t even know where to begin!

      What my main thought about the parents complaining about this camp though is, why would you PAY to send your kids to a HUNGER GAMES themed camp???? Are you kidding me, what did you expect them to be doing there?? Of course, it’s going to be disturbing!

      This series isn’t even meant for 10 year olds! Even Suzanne Collins has said she doesn’t recommend this series to anyone under the age of 14!

        ali says:

        I personally love it and love her ides YGG

        Kali says:

        She even said the point of the camp was to put a positive emphasis on the Hunger Games, by teaching them teamwork and positive reinforcement, as well as building balance and problem solving skills. This entire article was written to cause an uproar about something entirely harmless. In elementary and middle school we used to play cops and robbers, or cowboys and indians, which ALWAYS resulted in at least one person getting “shot” and “dying”, which is a more direct approach to violence than this is, and parents never said anything.

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