Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber Kiss-y Pic Causes Uproar Among Beliebers

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Twitter (@ArianaGrande)Try not to get too worked up, Beliebers, but Justin Bieber planted a wet one on BELIEVE tourmate Ariana Grande last night. In a totally platonic way, of course. But that still didn't stop the uproar. (Come on, Ari and Justin. You knew this would happen.)

After the Biebs egged on his Nickelodeon pal, saying: "@ArianaGrande post that pic and tell your grandma she is a cutie," the 20-year-old singer/actress tweeted out a photo of her and the "As Long As You Love Me" crooner in a mouth-to-cheek embrace, along with the caption "@justinbieber you're crazy and nonna says thank you, she loves you." This was soon followed by an attack on Ariana from Beliebers.

But, rather than take down the picture and cave in to the online abuse, Ari responded:

Ariana is currently dating Jai Brooks from YouTube comedy troupe The Janoskians, so we're not seeing Justiana becoming a 'thing.' But what do you think of the snapshot? Should Ari and the Biebs' have kept it to themselves, knowing it would cause controversy if released? Or is it perfectly innocent, and fans just need to get over it? We wanna know your thoughts!

Love yourself some Ariana Grande? Just wait ’til you see what she did for one lucky Teen reader:

Ariana Grande Gets Cozy with Naya Rivera's BF

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  • Aria

    justin and Ariana make a cute couple am I the only belieber that agrees?

  • ArianaGrande

    There could be a cute couple. but i think that beliebers should chill out cause he just gave ariana a kiss. deal with it. beliebers don’t be jealous cause ariana is so pretty and talented and that she met justin and got a kiss.

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  • Soni Isabeth

    Poor Justin, those crazy belieber fans are never gonna leave him be 😀 Hilarious!!

  • Soni Isabeth

    Poor Justin, those crazy belieber fans are never gonna leave him be 😀 Hilarious!!

  • abby

    They make suck a good couple and they should make it a thing.
    I think she should brake up with her boyfriend and get with justin

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  • Sammy

    It does make it look like they’re together.

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  • May

    He said “Nonna not Ariana” Some times they over react.

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  • Trish

    Like seriously people are taking this wayyy to far. It was just a kiss on the cheek friends do that all the time and you don’t see people complaining

  • Mansour(from iran)

    You know justin gotthe fuckinG kidding selena!

  • April

    This post is ridiculous.. Justin’s tweet was referring to another photo of where it was just Arianas grandparents and him together… This is so blown out of portions

  • Kira

    My gosh people it was a kiss on the cheek. Fans need to calm down. It’s not like he proposed or something newsworthy.

  • Ashley

    It’s not innocent if Ariana has a boyfriend. Friends don’t post pictures like that with someone they are just friends with. I am not a Justin Bieber fan, in fact I think he is a stuck up kid who started out good and lost his way, but come on now. That was just asking for trouble on both of their ends. She has a boyfriend, she should be posting pictures kissing him and no one else.

    • Rachel

      Are you kidding me? Almost everyone I know kisses their friends on the cheek. It’s not like they snapped a pic mid makeout session or anything.

    • maya

      you stupid.

    • maya

      you stupid.

    • Athena’s Daughter

      Honey, Ariana is an actress. Does that mean she has to turn down every role she gets if it involves kissing another person? *Just* because she has a boyfriend does not make this photo scandalous. I openly admit to not liking Justin at all, but this picture is a silly picture between friends, and nothing more. Ariana is also not kissing Justin, he’s kissing her. And as a theater performer, my friends and I (guys and girls) all do silly stuff like this, sometimes even onstage, if we can get away with it.

  • Shannon

    It’s innocent. They can do whatever they want and shouldn’t be attacked for living their lives.

    • Ryan

      LoL He Is A MaNwHoRe!!!