Caption This Pic of Joey Graceffa Posing as Justin Bieber!

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Does Justin Bieber have a long lost brother we don’t know about?! In this funny Instagram snapshot, Joey Graceffa channeled his inner JB and posed doing a spot on duck face while wearing a wife beater and a backwards cap. Oh, and did we mention the necklace? That was a nice touch! The only thing that’s missing? Bieber’s tattoos! And we’re going to go ahead and guess that the pal he’s posing with is supposed to be Carly Rae Jepsen. Or maybe Selena Gomez? What goes through your mind when you see this pic? Here’s your moment to let your funny side shine! How would you caption this?



Watch a Q&A from VidCon with Joey below!

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14 Responses to "Caption This Pic of Joey Graceffa Posing as Justin Bieber!"

    shelby shauger says:

    They would make the best couple!! They look solo cute together!!! Oh I love shoey!!!!

    Marie says:

    I’d caption it as “Having a blast hanging with my boyfriend at this “party”

    olivia says:

    jane dawceffa

    Anna says:

    Omfg o.o

    Jessica says:

    well obviously shane is supposed to be Selena. And i would say “Selena and I partying are vags off!”

    kayla says:

    i love shane dawson he is awesome and funny and soooo cute!

    Kylie says:

    Selena Dawson and Justin Graceffa

    kat says:

    Selena Dawson and Justin Graceffa!

    Emma says:

    i watched the video probably 20 times, so funny!

    Anne says:

    One less lonely girl

    Bri says:

    Actually shane is posing as Selena Gomez. Shoey all the way!!!

    Miranda says:

    His “pal” is Shane Dawson…

    Sammy says:

    Joey: I’m swagged out!

    Lexi says:

    That pal of his is the amazing Shane Dawson!

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