Happy Birthday, Veronica Roth! Celebrate with the Best Quotes from ‘Divergent’

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Happy 25th birthday, Veronica Roth! While most could only hope to achieve some sort of greatness by the time they reach a quarter century, the Divergent author's already kicking butt atop, like, a million best-seller lists. So she deserves a whole bunch of praise. (Right??) Which is why we're celebrating with some of the most notable tidbits her dystopian series has to offer.

From the ferris wheel scene to the moment Tris and Four admit their love, here are the best quotes from Divergent (prior to Allegiant's release, of course).

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Joey Graceffa talks real-life fear landscapes with the cast of Divergent at Comic-Con!

Could Divergent's Four Be Your Fictional BF?

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  • summerautumnfields

    I love divergent the last book made me cry my eyes out when did she go insead of her bro????? and that was stuiped what David did it really was just because why would you kill the person you was in love with dauter that was really stuiped and she saved you life

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  • Sammy

    OMG! I love all of these quotes! Happy birthday Veronica!

  • IhAvEaPeNiS

    I’m Gay