Zayn Malik’s Engaged to Perrie Edwards! See the Ring

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GettyShippers of Zerrie, rejoice — Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are engaged! Yes, after celebrating their one-year anniversary earlier this year, the One Direction lad and Little Mix chick are set to tie the knot.

Rumors of the pending nuptials spread when Perrie showed up on the One Direction: This Is Us world premiere red carpet sporting a new diamond ring on her ring finger. This news was soon confirmed by Perrie's mother, Deborah. She tells Real Radio (via Digital Spy), "Yes, it's true. They got engaged on Sunday and it's absolutely lovely. It's wonderful because Zayn is absolutely gorgeous and Perrie loves him to pieces. It's just perfect and they get on so well together."

Adding to the congratulatory messages, Perrie's brother, Jonnie, says, "Right, My sister and Zayn ARE Engaged! It's true! You seen the ring on the finger and all that Jazz! CONGRATS!!!"

Just months ago, fellow girl group member, Jesy Nelson, said wedding bells were in the near future for Zerrie. At the time, she said, "Perrie will be the first of us to get engaged. Zayn definitely seems like the kind of person who's gonna ask her to marry him soon. He's an early bloomer. I'm getting my hat already. They're just like a married couple anyway. They've got a dog and they literally dress in the same clothes."

Further proving his devotion, the 20-year-old heartthrob recently inked himself with a picture of his love's face. Though it came as a shock to Directioners, Perrie gushed, "It must be love to be honest. When I'm away from him, I guess he can just take a look at his arm and remind him of me. So it's a lovely compliment really. I love it, it's lovely."

What do you think of the couple's news? Tell us all your honest thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Lizzie

    Omg! Congrats to Zayn and Perrie! I was really thinking the ring would have been… i don’t know… UNIQUIE! Come on Zayn!

    • Emma

      Same for me it’s so cute and i love one direction and little mix

  • samyutha

    i’m happy for them……. but i really love zayn and thinking of him engaged really hurts… :(

  • samyutha

    i’m happy……….. but i love zayn and thinking he’s engaged hurts…… :(

  • Mae

    They are really young but that shouldn’t really matter. They both seem like level headed people who arent gonna go and get pregnant this young. People are flipping out cause theyre afraid 1ds gonna break up. Calm down. Perrie’s got a music career that is just taking off as well and I don’t think either of them are quite ready to settle down. Just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean you’re gonna get married that second. They can be engaged for years. I’m a huge Zerrie shipper (its my otp after Larry) so I personally am really happy about this

  • Samantha

    OMG! They’re so young!

  • Pam

    I love that couple,they are so in love …..CONGRATS!!! $ best of luck zayn ‘n’ perrie.

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  • Kristen

    i love the couple , but it’s only been a year.. they should wait a bit it think but cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammy

    I’m so happy for them! Congrats!

  • Cecillia

    I hate the fact that Perrie and Zayn are a great couple, I know I sound harsh but to be honest if I really think about it I think it is wrong getting engaged now when they are still 20, I mean I want the best for them and there will be defiantly haters out there but if the get engaged now and soon they do something stupid then there will be problems, if they get divorced with a kid and they are still teens then there will be big problems for 1D and LM I mean they are my fav bands and I do love all of the members but I just want the best for them and the fans I just really hope they will open there eyes and listen to a few people like me who actually cares about everyone, I am happy for them both but I think this is happening to soon, I just wish they would realize what they are getting themselves into, if I could tell them what to do ten I would say maybe 30 is a great start cause then there minds would be more majeure and they would know what they are getting themselves into, but hey they can do what they want but there will be problems I tell you know, it will not be infinity and if it is infinity then there love was meant to be and they were born to be together….

  • trish

    They are so PERF together. People are like they’re still kinda young but they are so in love and I really hope it works out for them. CONGRATS!!!

  • trish

    They are so PERF together. I know they are still kinda young but they are so in love and I really hope it works out for them.

  • Erika

    OMG YAYYAYYAYAYAYYAAY!!!! They are perfect for each other!!!