The Most Overdramatic Twitter Reactions to Zayn & Perrie’s Engagement

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The news is true, Directioners — Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are engaged! While this is most likely the happiest (or at least one of the happiest) times in both of their lives, and a fair amount of Directioners are showing their support for Zerrie, not everyone's willing to celebrate their pending nuptials…

SIDE NOTE: Remember when Zayn Malik saved Harry Styles from a fire?

Zayn Malik Gets "Pirate Lessons" from Johnny Depp

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  • Courtney

    People who make a big deal out of it are stupid! Zerrie is my favourite relationship and people better shut ya mouth coz no one really cares! #zerrie #shutupucarrots #realdirectionerslovezerrie

    • samyutha

      we know that……. we love zayn and we are happy but we are VERY hurt too…

  • Samantha

    I am so happy for Zayn and Perrie, haters should know better that they are exposing themselves to people all over the place. And even if they think people aren’t doing anything, they better watch out because we can report them and block them. If many people block and report a user, they get suspended. Such dumb people, they should know better than to hate on what’s amazing. Everyone gets married and have children or adopts children, like it’s so obvious.
    My advice to you is go read fan fictions or go write them. It’s fun and it’s not like it’s going to happen but you get to go into another world, if you have enough geeky nerdiness to enjoy reading that is…
    As fans, what we do is support them, love them, go through up and down together, and defend each other. Ok? That is all, byeeee.

  • Deysi

    Some people take it to the next level. Let them do what makes them happy. No one has the right to tell him what’s right or not right for his life. It’s his choice and no one can change that. She seems like a nice girl! Good for them :)

  • katrina

    I dont like perri but its zayns choice. cant do anything about it but just watch there going to breakup soon. congrats i guess.

  • Cecillia

    I am taking the Zerrie deal very hard, I haven’t eaten for 2 day’s I had a glass of milk that’s all, I sound crazy but I just love Zayn a bit too much, Perrie is pretty but I just don’t like her anymore for what she has done, she has taken 1D apart soon cause soon she will want a family and Zayn will be focusing on that instead of the band, and since he has proposed now the rest of 1D will feel that it’s okay to propose to there girlfriends, 1D is finished, there are so many rumours that in 2015 1D will end, so now since the news there is so many sad directioners!! I just wish Perrie would quit the engaging thing! =(

    • Ozzy

      That’s true the girlfriends are reallly ruining 1D because so many people like them because they think “one day me and zayn or seone are gonna get married and obviously that’s not going to happen ow so they lose fans! It’s depressing.

    • anon

      let’s say maybe he’s wants to

    • Amylia

      You haven’t eaten in days because someone whos MUSIC you like got engaged? They are real people too and deserve the same happiness everyone else does. You shouldn’t be taking this so hard. I have celeb crushes too, I mean who doesn’t? When they get engaged/married, good for them. Fans shouldn’t dictate someones life. If One Direction decides to stop making music, its not because of Zayne’s fiance. You “directioners” are nuts.

  • Nim

    Jealous drama queens, they don’t realize they’re upsetting Zayn when he’s supposed to be happy. Fans should be happy to see their idols happy. I wish Zayn and Perrie all the best. And may these directioners just let the boys and their loved ones be happy and just support them. Like a true fan.

    • anon


  • Nich

    At least half of this fandom always has to embarrass us….. why can’t you be happy for them because i don’t see how saying all these mean, narrow minded things are going to put across to people that we care about the and the choices they make. Instead what people are seeing in the news is that we are sending hate towards the boys girlfriends whether they are recent or past girlfriends or the way of life in general! look at what happened on wednesday. People were directing hate towards liam because of his new girlfriend and they haven’t even met her yet, which made liam upset as well & i can’t believe why people decide to judge others before they have met them.
    just lay of the boys and be respectful of their life choices.

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  • Sol June

    Don’t you people see how much they love each other?! Zayn is GLOWING when he’s with Perrie. Freaking glowing! And Perrie is almost always smiling when she’s with Zayn! Why do you hate on her?! Beacause she’s gorgeous, talented, and she seems like a really good person! There’s no reason to hate on an innocent girl, just beacuse you’re jelous of her! Grow up! Let them be happy! I’m a Mixer and a Directioner and I say; Zerrie all the way! Why do you hate, when you can Love? xx

  • Claire

    OMG! This is so MEAN! If you like Zayn then for his sake you should at LEAST respect Perrie they’re so happy together! How DARE they call their selfes DIRECTIONERS?!
    Personally I love them together and I’m soo happy for them! Congrats!

  • Winter

    Well that`s mean,I mean like it`s there like they cant ruin it, Even if they thought they had a chance well they did not Zayn is older and we have to see that some of theese people are 16 or 10 etc & he`s like 20.Come on grow up!

  • Ally

    why can’t people be happy for Zayn and Perrie is awesome stop hating on her

  • Cassie

    I don’t like Perrie. I will be honest, but I’m happy for Zayn if he’s happy and I hope it works out for them! Please everyone, stop saying that if you don’t like Perrie you’re not a true directioner or you don’t really care for the boys. I do, but that doesn’t mean I have to like their choice of love.

  • Directioner

    ok all the haters need to shut the hell up! ur just jealous tht u cant marry Zayn cuz hes engaged to Perrie
    #RealDirectionersLovePerrie #Zerrie<33

  • Megan

    These little fangirls need to get over themselves! Perrie doesn’t deserve this hate! Besides if they genuinely thought you had a chance with Zayn, then that’s sad.

    • Nandini

      IKR! These people have no genuine reason 2 hate Perrie! Zayn loves her and thats that and i’m really happy 4 them. Zayn will not marry any of u obssessive fangirls! I love 1D so much and all of their girlfriends! Genuine directioners would b happy 4 him instead of hating on Perrie.

  • Ian

    Omg people this should be good news is you’re idol and he will be happy and a real fan should love all decisions of Zayn. Ps Do you actually believe Zayn will married you? Obviously not because he has millions of fans he will only choose 1 he will not date all of you thats stupid. You should stop hating and start loving.

  • Malaysia

    Not everyone is reacting that way stop making us look bad all the time

  • Addie

    I think that these girls need to get OVER themselves! I don’t understand why they bash on the person their celeb crush is dating/hanging out/friend with. When I see the “I hate so and so because she’s going out with this-celebrity. I’m going to kill her/she needs to die/she’s ugly etc” it makes me wonder how can you call yourself a fan to a celebrity and want them to be unhappy, no matter who they are with? How does that make you a great and loving and supportive fan of your celeb crush? Any TRUE fan of whatever celebrity would be happy that the person that they are a fan of is happy.

  • Ashley

    uhhggg.. the dramatic directioners make me so mad.. i am a directioner and i am happy for them when i saw teen post something about it i was all “AWWWWWW”.. this is just like like when louis got a dog.. people gave the poor dog death threats like WTH.. true directioners are happy for zayn.. so people need to calm down

  • William

    I am so happy with the news. Zayn is so sweet and funny, and Perrie is nice and hilarious. They make an amazing couple and I think they will always be together.

  • Kristina

    Ummmm, Taylor has only dated Joe Jonas, Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, John Mayor, and Harry Styles. Lmao people are soo stupid, just because her and someone else go on a show together means they’re dating? No. Dang, stop being so dumb.

  • Kaelie

    That is so rude! Perrie is a great person and never did anything wrong. Personally I think those tweets are so selfish.

  • Cortney

    I think it’s wonderful. And what’s funny about is, the carrots don’t even know who Perrie is, Directioners may, or may not have been tweeting “#tipsfornewdirectioners Tip one: Perrie is Zayn’s cousin.” So they all think it’s incest. But, any true directioner isn’t going to hate on it, Perrie, Sophie, I may really, strongly dislike Sophie but, it she makes Liam happy, we should support them, even if we don’t love her. Just like with this, we may not agree with their decisions, but we support them/it anyway! And even if Liam were to purpose to Sophie tomorrow, I highly doubt any of us would ship the idea, but we would support it. And that’s all we’re here to do, support them, their girlfrinds, their family, and even if you don’t ship something, gives you no right to hate on a person!

  • Sammy

    Oh my gosh! People are overreacting about this! If you were a real 1D fan, you would be happy for both of them.

  • Sruthi

    Ugh, people need to stop hating on Perrie just cause their fantasy of marrying Zayn isn’t true. They love each other and the haters need to let them be!!! I’m a directioner too, but I will never hate on their girlfriends.