Quiz: Could You Be A Shadowhunter?

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Get ready for the Year of the Nephilim, guys! With Shadowhunters now hitting your TV screens every week on Freeform, it’s time to make way for the half-angels/half-humans, like the series’ heroes, Clary and Jace. Could you be a member of their race? Or are you just a mundane, like Simon? Take the quiz & see! (NOTE: Knowledge of The Mortal Instruments will help you out a lot.)


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  • Alise Romero

    When I read the books and see the movie . It makes me feel alive and one of them.

  • Trần Kim Ngân

    Now I’m just a noromal person and I want to be a shadowhunter but how? Could you tell me?

  • raquel turby

    I love watching the mortal instruments but is this actually real can we teens become into one of them?

  • Lyndel Tizon

    I want to be a shadowhunter only if Jamie Campbell Bower would be my partner :)

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    • Xolani

      Jeg hadde ALDRI orket e5 ge5 lf8s pe5 en bokserie med fem bf8ker Pc5 ENGELSK for e5 se filemn etterpe5 Jeg har ikke selvdisiplin- og orker ikke tanken pe5 at jeg me5 ha det hvis jeg skal lese; for meg skal det ve6re lystbetont, og det blir det ikke hvis det betyr Bc5DE disiplin og tidspress!Kanskje du kan begynne pe5 den ff8rste, se5 ser du om lystff8lelsen tar over, for da er det jo greit ;o)Forresten: Stilig cover!