‘PLL’ Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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Further fueling how much we loathe CeCe, the biotch finally resurfaced on last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars, "Bring Down the Hoe." The girls believe that she's the one that's been living in the DiLaurentis house crawlspace, but the only reason they can think of as to why she hates them so much is because she thinks they got her kicked out of school. With Lieutenant Tanner still hot on their tails over Wilden's murder, the Little Liars have made it their mission to sick the police officer on Miss Drake. For all of that and more, keep on reading…

1. What happens with Emily? Besides Tanner informing her that a muddy shoe (Ashley's missing Manolo Blahnik) was found in the wreckage of her home, and kinda-sorta being on the rocks with Paige, Emily didn't have too bad of an evening. She even receives a killer recommendation from her old supervisor (played by Rumer Willis). But she's still not satisfied. So, in the words of Ezra, "Emily, there are people with real problems in the world and getting a glowing college recommendation isn't one of them."

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2. What happens with Hanna? Now that Mrs. Hastings is no longer allowed to be Ashley's lawyer, Hanna goes on a search for a new one. But rather than find legal council, Hanna stumbles upon a stalker witness to the fight between Mrs. Montgomery and Wilden, who claims that he saw Ashley leave before Wilden was shot and then saw a girl running through the woods. The only reason he never told anyone was because his father had bad blood with Wilden, so he didn't want it to look like his family was involved. Hmm, wonder what changed his mind.

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3. What happens with Aria? For starters, someone nearly pokes her eye out with a knitting needle through the holes in the DiLaurentis house crawlspace. WTF?? But other than that, her woes are purely those of a love-torn teenager. Jake agrees to go with her to the hoedown, but now that Ezra knows he's not actually Malcolm's father, he's seeking out Aria. Jake tells Ezra to let Aria move on, but when Emily informs Aria of what's going on with her former flame, she attempts to comfort him. As of now, they only go as far as hand-holding.

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4. What happens with Spencer? The search for answers about Toby's mother's death hasn't been easy on Spencer. So when the other girls realize that something's been troubling her, Spencer owns up to her double life. Unfortunately, it wasn't Spencer's secret to tell, so Toby's furious because he believes that 'A' won't give him clues anymore. So Toby leaves the hoedown to break into Palmer's car sans Spencer. She asks Caleb to stop him because he won't listen to her. Caleb has no luck talking sense into Toby either, but the cops come anyway to break up the party.

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SIDE NOTE: We know who Red Coat is! Or… at least one of them. We knew you were up to no good, CeCe Drake!

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