Harry Styles Makes Out with Mystery Girl at One Direction Movie Premiere Party

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TwitterThis really is a good week for One Direction. Just before the release of One Direction: This Is Us, Zayn Malik's engagement to Perrie Edwards was confirmed, Liam Payne revealed the identity of his girlfriend (though, there was a wee bit of backlash), now Harry Styles was spotted locking lips with a new girl.

At the 1D movie world premiere after-party, Harry entered a photo booth with a mystery brunette. As you can see, their sesh started off quite cute, but slowly made its way toward hook-up territory.

Who is she, you ask? So far, no one's come clean as to her identity, or what she is to the curly-haired Brit. But Harry did recently reveal to Fabulous magazine, "There is… I've got someone that I like, yeah. There's just someone in mind." Could this be the 'someone' he's referring to??

What do you think of the lads' latest lady news? Who are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments below, or on our One Direction message board!

All the details about Zayn & Perrie's engagement!

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  • kenzie

    they didn’t “make out” their lips are barely touching in the picture

  • Sarah

    There the same photo booth pictures with Niall Horan and Harry Styles and Harry is kissing Niall….this one was photo shopped just to make the fandom flip out, stay calm guys!

    • Alondra

      i hope is photo shopped sarah

  • directioner

    She is cute..Maybe they are friend or they are dating i dont care i just wanna see harry smile i will ship them if they date…..he looks happy i dont know i will ship them….

    • Tiffanie jordan

      Its a kiss on the cheek nothing more #directioner i dnt believe in the rumors i 0’ll believe it when one direction says its true

  • Maysilee

    I would be sad. But I ship!-Mayseeee

  • Melia

    Ladies keep your ovaries in tact please. Please keep your fingers from typing a rant in 140 characters or less. It is common knowledge that Harry Styles is a huge flirt, it’s nothing new. If there was documented evidence of him “making out” with everyone he flirted with he would be in a new relationship constantly. These boys are allowed to have friends ya know everyone they are seen with is not their girlfriend and do not deserve a chewing out on Twitter. In this case he is clearly not making out with her nor is it edging into hook up territory whatsoever. To tell you the truth I’m not even sure there is a liplock involved in that one. I would probably even do those poses with my guy friends in a photo booth with no intentions or expectations of dating or hooking up. Seriously, this is article is like when hugs between two friends of the opposite sex are blown out of proportion at school.What it looks like to me is two friends having a good time in a photo booth. No need to claim she’s the mystery girl. Don’t panic ladies.

  • Kate

    If they are happy, then everything is coming up daisies and roses for me :)

  • Brittany styles

    Harry bro or like I bro

  • Alondra


  • Sammy

    They look cute together!