Liam Payne Confirms (& Defends) New Girlfriend, Sophia Smith

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WENNZayn Malik's not the only One Direction guy with relationship news. Liam Payne has a girlfriend! But some Directioners haven't been handling it so well…

In an interview with Yahoo!'s omg!, the boy-bander confirmed that he's dating his old school friend, Sophia Smith. When prompted with the question of whether or not he and his new squeeze were public knowledge, he responded, "Yes, well it is now! It's new, she's sitting right over there [POINTS HER OUT IN THE CROWD]. It's not been long."

And if you need any further confirmation, they strolled hand-in-hand at the world premiere of One Direction: This Is Us.

However, similarly to some of the reactions after Zayn and Perrie's announcement and Liam's puppy, Loki, fans attacked Sophia on the Internet. Fortunately, Liam was quick to defend his new girlfriend, thereby slowing down the Twitter threats:

He continues, "…There is that old saying tho if you ain't got s*** nice to say then f*** you"

This is Liam's first publicized relationship since splitting with longtime on-again/off-again girlfriend Danielle Peazer. Many Directioners learned to support Payzer. Do you think you'll be able to ship Siam too? Spill in the comments!

All the details about Zayn & Perrie's engagement!

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Overdramatic Tweets About Zerrie's Engagement

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  • Winter

    I mean like he`s just a boy she`s a girl IT HAPPENS!!

  • Sarah

    I’m so confused on whats happening bc I just got online since the past 5 weeks. But I see directioners ranting about this Sophia and about how Danielle’s prettier on Instagram and I pop popcorn and read all this stuff about Liam and what did i miss

  • alondra

    when i saw this i could not believe it Liam truly cares about her and i am happy he found someone else

  • mickay

    C’mon my fellow Directioners! Lets be happy for them! I f you really are a fan, you will be! :) so stop threatening her.

  • Alexandra

    They are cute together!!… fans should see that he’s happy. I totally support Liam & Sophia but PLEASE don’t shipped them SIAM doesn’t sound good lol

  • Sammy

    Aw! They look cute together! If he’s happy, then I’m happy!

  • Megan

    He’s Liam Payne for god sakes! He can do what he wants! No Directioners have control over his life , they all need to calm down!