Caption This Pic of Harry Styles Chowing Down on Popcorn!

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The boys of One Direction have been as busy as ever while promoting their upcoming movie One Direction: This Is Us, and earlier this week the guys had a photo call where they posed with some popcorn. Because, let’s be real, what is a movie without a little popcorn? However, Harry Styles took it upon himself to do a goofy pose with the popcorn bucket that definitely made us LOL. What goes through your mind when you see this pic? Here’s your moment to let your funny side shine! How would you caption this?



Is there going to be a sequel to One Direction: This Is Us?!

Harry Styles Kisses Mystery Girl

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6 Responses to "Caption This Pic of Harry Styles Chowing Down on Popcorn!"

    Eviin says:

    Amazing he do this particular most leilky one of the better articles I have look at on the stock market at this time. I do not have concept in which you get your total info but upward! I’ll be gunna deliver a couple of people upon onto examine this particular post. Fantastic, totally amazing.

    Sammy says:

    This popcorn is “poppin”!

    Ashley says:

    Harry Styles that’s easy to caption. He always says “Ashley, will you marry me?” At least in my head

    rosie b says:

    omg its taylor swift

    Taylor Jude says:

    NO HANDLE??? It’s just like Japan all over again . . .

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