The 10 Craziest Things That Happened At The 2013 MTV VMAs (GIFS)

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It was a night filled with moments we’ll never forget. No matter how much we would like to. The 2013 MTV VMAs came to Brooklyn, NY Sunday night and there was no shortage of gif-able moments. We watched it and compiled a list of the 10 nuttiest things that went down. This way, you can save yourself a few hours and get back to whatever else you were doing before the world’s biggest celebrities decided to invade your TV screen with a whole lot of crazy.

1. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez thought it was necessary to coordinate their dress, lipstick AND nail polish color. We get it, you’re best friends.


2. This really disturbing thing happened between Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

3. In fact, Miley’s entire performance was a bit of a train wreck.

4. Just ask Rihanna.

5. The Smiths were in shock (note Jaden’s epic face).

6. Taylor decided to mouth “Shut the f*** up” while the 1D boys were talking. Keeping it classy, Tay.

7. And also did this. #notcute

8. Everyone over the age of 23 freaked out when this happened. Everyone else wondered why Justin Timberlake got four middle-aged backup dancers.


9. Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding are apparently a thing. But Ellie was quick to tweet deny it.



10. And this was surprisingly the least weird thing that happened on VMA night.



Joesph Gordon-Levitt & Selena Gomez

Miles Teller

@Miles_Teller Headed to the #VMAs looking hot

Fifth Harmony

@FifthHarmony We cannot explain how much of an honor this was meeting you. We love you SO much @edsheeran !

Rita Ora

@RitaOra VMA Time @thenewclassic

Darren Criss

@DarrenCriss Not only am I psyched to be at my first #VMAs, but I'm even more psyched it's back in NY- and kickin off in Brooklyn of all places. Let's keep the Moon Man here, @MTV. This is the start of something very cool.

Brett Davern

Kendall Schmidt & Ed Sheeran

Liam Payne & Lohanthony

Miley Cyrus

One Direction


Selena Gomez


Miley Cyrus

@MileyCyrus #dayinthelife #vma

Joseph Gordon Levitt

@hitRECordJoe aaand on my way to #VMAs…

Sarah Hyland

@Sarah_Hyland #VMA bound with my man @mattpro13. Tonight is gonna be one for the books.

Ed Sheeran

@edsheeran Shoes for today. These are called 'the fresh prince of bel air' - sick


@Snooki At the #VMAS with my man @jlavalle5

Becky G

@iambeckyg Loving my #VMAs look! Almost ready for my #covermoment


@Rihanna She.

Justin Timberlake

@jtimberlake The calm before the storm... #VMAs #The2020Experience #2of2
Click Here For The Full List of VMA Winners

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  • Sammy

    Everyone’s reaction to Miley’s performance was hilarious!

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  • KimmieFizzy

    I love how this says ‘over 23’ on the N’Sync thing. I’m 20 and loved them since I was about 2 or 3. Haha just because I’m a little younger doesn’t mean I don’t know who they are.

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  • sarah


  • Lene

    Just seeing the GIF makes it look like Taylor said “shut the f*** up”, but when i see the VMA as a “whole” it just looks like she’s saying “sorry for my arm” and it would make much more sense since she moved it…

  • Rebecca

    the only thing that’s #notcute is that your facts aren’t straight. No one knows what Taylor said, but it was directed at Selena. Either telling her to stfu for saying that perhaps she wouldn’t win Pop Video of the Year, or apologizing for her arm. Also, no one knows who IKYWT is about.

  • Kate

    Actually, I Knew You Were Trouble was about John Mayer, not Gyllenhal. She tweeted the lyrics to it after her and Harry ended and then everyone tried to say the song was about him. Which makes absolutely no sense.

  • Lisa

    I understand it as Taylor apologizing for her arm on Selena not saying shut the f*ck up. Most people saying shut the f*ck up don’t usually have such a sweet look on their face!!

  • Carly

    Taylor didn’t say it about 1D!! She didn’t swear at them!
    As you can see she was talking to Selena, but she wasn’t being rude.
    Why should she? And “I knew you were trouble” is so not about Harry Styles.

    Anyway, it was an amazing night, thanks for sharing the audience-cam pics while Mileys performance, the faces are pretty hilarious 😀

  • Megan

    Ellie and Ed would be cute together though!

  • Taylor

    SHE DIDN’T SWEAR AT 1D!! Selena Gomez said she wasn’t going to win the award so then tay said stfu. AND I knew you were trouble is NOT about Harry styles! It’s about John Mayer. Get your info right before you put it on the Internet.

    • Tommy

      Taylor Swift has already admitted I knew you were trouble is about Harry, she said so after they broke up the second time.

      • Caro

        The song is not about Harry Styles because they were together long after the song was written, recorded and edited.

  • Dana

    I hate Taylor Swift.
    Miley was a little over the top but I still love her. She will eventually get out of her wild stage.

    • Miranda

      “I hate Taylor Swift. Miley was a little over the top but I still love her.” LOL DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?????


    Lol no she said shut the f**k up. Nice try though

  • Brooke D

    If you watch the video it looks like she says “sorry for my arm” then removes it from behind Selena she didn’t diss Harry they went to her to see what her reaction was when Harry spoke like when she accepted her reward they shot to Harry to get his & I knew you were in trouble is not about Harry, the song was released in September and they dated in December. It was about Jake Gyllenhaal.

    • Tommy

      It’s about Harry, Taylor admitted so after they broke up the second time (December), she dated him before that too then wrote this song, she even said so

  • Alondra

    Wow your so nice to say that to Harry………#notcute and i love Will,Jaden and Willows face lol

  • Cady

    Keep it classy? She said Sorry for my arm! Really Really?