Teen.com Readers Voted for Their Favorite YouTuber of 2013!

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The search for Teen.com readers’ Favorite YouTuber of 2013 is officially O-V-E-R. But before we reveal the overall winner — REMINDER: The Top 4 consisted of Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, Smosh and Shane Dawson — let us point out that this was the biggest (we’re talkin’, like, 200k+ votes!) and closest survival game to date. Okay, now that we have the settled, this is the moment of truth: The reader-voted fave YT channel belongs to…

…Tyler Oakley! Though Teen host Joey was leading for most of the time, all four of the top scorers tweeted out the game to all of their followers on the same day last week. And just look at each of their follower counts as of this moment:

JoeyGraceffa: 551,190
TylerOakley: 1,063,281
ShaneDawson: 1,362,604
smosh: 1,459,511

You could only vote once per day, and Tyler’s dedicated fans just so happened to come back again and again. But Joey still came in at a close second, with Shane Dawson at #3 and smosh at #4, so everyone should be quite proud. Congrats to all — we love you!

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  • Susie

    I wanted Shane to win, but i mean, Tyler Oakley is one of my fav youtubers… So im satisfied with the winning

  • Rachel

    Yayyyyyyyy! I absolutely LOVE Tyler! He is a godess lol! and deserves every bit of love he receives.You are a Legend Tyler, and also my spirit animal….GOD BLESS :))))

  • Sammy

    Yay! Tyler! He’s so hilarious!

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  • Sara

    Omg thats totally the best picture of shane ever jk

  • Izzy

    Tyler Oakley I am in LOVE WITH YOU! BE MY BESTFRIEND?!

  • qwertyuiop

    Tyler oakley liked my tumblr post. he defo deserves to win;)

  • Sarah

    The only youtuber I don’t watch wins… :,,,,(

    • Maysa

      You should watch him :) he’s hilarious!

  • Lily

    Tyler oakley

  • Magdy

    Love them all!!

  • Anel

    Ignore my last comment, I just realized that was their Twitter follower count haha

  • Anel

    You need to correct Joey’s. There should be a 1 at the beginning of the number!! Congrats to the winner

  • oliviaaa

    hells yes tyler oakley c:

  • Alexander

    People like smosh, PewDiePie and Jenna Marbles have millions and millions of subscribers on Youtube but most of ’em are people that do not actually interact with the Youtuber more than watching their videos. Most of ’em probably don’t even know the existence of events like Vidcon nor even care, therefore their fanbase is pretty much as big as the fanbases of Youtubers like Tyler and Joey, fans that dedicate more than those 10 daily minutes to watch the videos but actually stop to comment, follow them on every social network and meet them at such events like Vidcon.

    Tyler is the rightful winner, his fanbase is the craziest and most dedicated.

    • Samantha

      All of them actually go to vidcon and if you watched some of their other videos, you would know that Pewdiepie loves his bro army and Smosh’s Ian and Anthony interact with their viewers more than you think. Just letting you know(:

    • Anonymous

      Umm smosh goes to Vidcon, Jenna goes to Vidcon, Pewidepie lives all the way out in London it is not like he can just get up and leave to California whenever he wants. Yes they interact with their fans.

    • lee

      You’re stupid

  • Jodie

    Why wasn’t Mamrie included?

  • Tia

    Tyler he is a awesome Youtuber and totally deserve a this.He’s come so far this year *Hugs to Every body*

    • Paul B

      Amen. he makes me smile every day no matter how bad a time im having.

  • Xanzo

    F***ing Buttons.

  • wtf

    why the f*** do joey only have 551,190 votes? how come? smh.

  • joni

    This is some bs how the hell did smosh come in 4 th wtf people

  • lucy


  • Me

    The numbers are their follower counts, NOT the votes for the contest.

  • Michaela

    that’s not the number of votes they got It’s their twitter follower count

  • Jackie

    Wait . What? It says Smosh,shane,Tyler, then Joey. Wtf?

    • Kasey

      That’s their twitter followers

  • Nina

    It says that Smosh got the most number of votes… But it said Tyler Oakley won? It also said that Joey came in a close second but the number of votes proves otherwise. I’m so confused ;-;

    • TaraWilliams

      The numbers are their twitter followers.

    • Amb

      That’s the follower count I think, smosh has the most twitter followers

    • Shayn

      Those are the figures for how many subscribers they have on Youtube.

    • Justin

      those are twitter followers not votes

    • SCTAppleSauce

      That’s their followers, they’d never reveal the score.

    • Nate

      The part where their names are by the numbers is the follower counts on Twitter.