‘PLL’ Recap: The 5 Biggest Questions We Have After the Season 4 Finale

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Our feelings are legitimately hurt, guys. After last night's summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, we just don't know if we'll be able to trust anyone ever again! (Okay, that's taking it a bit too far, but still.) Not only did we witness one of the biggest betrAyals in PLL history, but there's just so many questions to add to our seemingly never-ending list of questions. Take a look at ours below, then add onto the list in the comments below, or even tell us your theories on what's to come.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

1. Is Mona good? Or is she still working for the opposing team? Somehow, Mona got out of Radley (which, for a psych ward totally sucks at keeping track of its patients), and is now all buddy-buddy with Shana. Who we should all hate… Right?

ABC Family

2. Are Wren and Melissa co-conspirators? Before leaving Rosewood, Melissa told Spencer that she's only trying to protect her. That's why she was being so sketchy. But then, as we saw on the episode, "The Mirror Has Three Faces," Wren's up to no good, and working with someone over the phone. And on the finale we find out that Wren and Melissa are somehow linking up again overseas. So… are they on Team Good? Or, since Melissa couldn't stand Ali, are she and her ex now joining forces against the Little Liars?

ABC Family

3. Waitaminute — Alison's alive?? That mysterious hand we saw poking out of the ground all those months ago was finally revealed by Mrs. Grunwald. She claims that she saw Ali's fingers peeking through the dirt, pulled her out and brought her to the hospital. However, she hasn't seen her since that night. This leaves us to wonder not only if Ali's really been lurking around Rosewood (or if the Grunwald's just crazy) and whose funeral they all went to during Season 1. Someone died because the police identified the body as Alison. That's it, we're bringing back the 'twin' theory.

SIDE NOTE: There's finally confirmation that there are (at least) two Red Coats — CeCe and Ali. Does this mean that CeCe Red Coat was the one that stepped off that helicopter before that building burned down, but Ali Red Coat's the one that saved everyone? So. Confused.

ABC Family

4. Did Caleb leave? No goodbyes, he's just off to Ravenswood? We get that he's headed out to meet Hanna and the rest of the crew in the little town, but there better be more of an explanation as to why he's not coming back to Rosewood. We will NOT be left hanging here!

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5. Is Ezra the leader of the 'A' team? Ugh, the tears are starting to come back. Although he and Aria share a brief kiss (which was not acknowledged enough in our opinion), our Ezria feels were blown apart at the end when he enters the 'A' lair after the Little Liars already rummaged through it. And he's pissed. We would 100% support the show if this was just another Toby-is-'A' fake-out, but there's so much evidence to support the notion that Ezra is 'A' to ignore.

ABC Family

But, as much as it would hurt if he isn't on Team Good, we found this to be quite interesting:

Tumblr (cannibalsuxx)

What are your thoughts on the PLL season finale? Have any questions you're dying to have answered? Or theories as to who's playing for which side? Tell us in the comments below, or on our Pretty Little Liars message board!

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  • Marcio Harker

    But there tree red coats!Not only two!You can see on ”Now you see now you don’t” she is wearing black gloves!

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  • Alyssa

    I think Ezra is A because Alison had talked about an “Older Guy” that she was seeing during the summer, and Alison had also claimed to become “pregnant” so if you think about it Ezra could be going after Alison because he wants to know the truth cause Alison could have been seeing more than one guy that summer. and I think Ezra was only with Aria because Alison and Aria do resemble each other a bit (like their faces, but that is just my opinion)

  • Alyssa

    Honestly with that finale I think that Alison was dating Ezra, I mean if you think about Ezra could be A because Alison was talkingI about an “Older Guy” and Ezra could possibly be after Alison cause she could have become “pregnant” because of Ezra. Also I think the only reason why Ezra was with Aria was because Aria and Alison do look alike (in my opinion).

  • Ather

    3. Ali probably bummed the ride off Toby after fleeing the hospital. But who says she wasn’t found, killed, and reburried? As for red Coat, I believe Ali is Red Coat (or whoever is supposed to be Ali), and CeCe wore one and the Ali Mask as a decoy. IE, A wanted Emily to see Ali having her grave dug up.
    4. Caleb will be in the Halloween ep (it concludes the summer finale) and it’ll set up his departure.
    5. If Ezra’s A, where’s his black hoodie? A’s always wear black hoodies. All we see is Ezra in A’s lair, pissed off. And remember, nothing is as it seems on PLL.