Picture of the Day: Zac Efron + Cute Kitten

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It's just one of the most 'aww'-inducing photos we've ever seen — Zac Efron posing with a kute kitteh! While we're used to seeing the 25-year-old actor sans clothing (and drooling over him incessantly for it), we could definitely get used to seeing him with cuddly creatures too.

Facebook (Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center)

While on the set of his latest movie, Are We Officially Dating?, co-starring Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, Zac snapped a picture with a feline named Camo, which Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center soon posted on Facebook. Thus, the magic you see above. Squee!

Watch Zac Efron in the trailer for his upcoming film, Parkland!

Zac Efron Talks Being Shirtless — All the Time

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    Sammy says:

    So cute!

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