Are Noah Cyrus and Paris Brosnan Dating? See the Cute Instagram Pictures

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How adorable is this?? While the media's been putting Miley Cyrus' relationship with Liam Hemsworth under a microscope pretty much since they got engaged, no one realized the cuteness that was unfolding with her little sister, Noah Cyrus, and Pierce Brosnan's son, Paris.

From the looks of it, the 13-year-old Cyrus has been linked to 007's 12-year-old offspring for months. However, their most precious encounter happened this past week:

Instagram (@noahcyrus)

Although the caption reads as "@parisbrosnann you look evil," who can get enough of those faces? Sigh, young love. Here's a look at some more darling photos:

Instagram (@parisbrosnann) Instagram (@noahcyrus)

And, despite their young ages, they already dropped the L-bomb! (See here.) Guess girl's officially over Frankie Jonas. What do you think of Noah and Paris? Are they too young to even consider dating/love? Tell us your thoughts on the twosome in the comments!

While Noah Cyrus may have a new love, Miley's got a new song!

This video no longer exists

Noah Cyrus Confesses to Stealing Bieber's Clothes

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24 Responses to "Are Noah Cyrus and Paris Brosnan Dating? See the Cute Instagram Pictures"

    tanya Godinho says:

    They look cute together. So what if they are young.they are amazing . We hardly find young couples today

    TotallyLilly 77 says:

    Oops I meant to say friend instead of around my bad.

    TotallyLilly 77 says:

    I think there just around even though there both different genders and just having fun messing around.
    But they might I’m not to sure.

    Els says:

    yeah everyone was once young and they had the ability to feel actual feelings like them.
    so yeah

    bionic says:

    i think its okay for noah to have a bf teenagers do need someone to love other than parents

    Mary says:

    I’m not saying she’s too young to date, but she’s too young to be in love. Obviously she’s not. She’s only infatuated with the feeling of love.

    Andrea says:

    I think they are really cute!

    Ashley says:

    The people that are like “she’s too young she shouldn’t have a BF” Big Whoop if shes 13 she is not a little kid anymore she is a TEENAGER i hate when people say ” OH, your to young for this or to young for that” just let the young teenagers be (13-15) they have a right to date too.

    Adriana says:

    c: Sad moment when I’ve never had a boyfriend, lol and I am 18 xD it is cool~ Whatever :) I got to pay attention and have fun without a guy ruining my mood with a fight or whatever, Honestly I wouldn’t let my child date till she was like 16-17 (Like my mother did) and I didn’t date anyone, even though I could have. But Kids shouldn’t date. Nor say the “L word”

      Amanda says:

      Don’t feel left out! I’m 18 and never had a bf either :( But it’s because God is saving someone very special out there for us! (Other women too) Enjoy life while you’re single, live life to the fullest(: I agree with you that kids shouldn’t date because they are too young! They don’t know what love really is.

        Marzia says:

        Your comment made my day!

        Trixia says:

        but I do think it’s okay, I mean let them experience what you call “puppy love” as long as they’re not crossing the line, it’s okay. You know She’s thirteen & she’s a teenager already. She could feel puppy love in that age so let her enjoy.

    lilly says:

    Adorable?? you gotta be kidding me!!!! whats wrong with society these days!!!!!!!! shes freaking 13 years old!!!!!!!!!!! she needs to worry about her education……this is sick

      Ashley says:

      She’s fine just be glad shes not in the lime light like miley and can be a normal teenager

        Maureen says:

        Um, you don’t call this article “in the limelight”? When you’re 13 and you dating someone is actually news in pop culture, than you definitely can’t call that being “a normal teenager”. So basically you are wrong. Just sayin’.

      Stella says:

      Heck yes !

    emma says:

    this is adorable <3

    maya says:

    ahhhh what the hell is wrong with kids today, they are 12 and 13 they should NOT be dating they should be watching some Dora show or something they are TOO young to date let alone know about “love”, smh

    Sammy says:

    They’re adorable together!

    zoe says:

    I guess sticking their tongue out, like a dog, runs in the family.

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