Austin Mahone Failed Driver’s Test, Twice!

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UPDATE: Looks like third times a charm for Austin! He passed his test and tweeted a photo of himself on a car saying “STREET LEGAL!”

Sorry Mahomies, it looks like your favorite guy Austin Mahone failed his driving test, twice! He may be one skilled singer, but we guess he’s not so skilled when it comes to driving. One of the best parts about getting older is getting to drive.

So it’s a bummer to hear that Austin wasn’t able to pass his test! That parallel parking is hard stuff. We will admit it is a stressful test, but what happened to make him fail twice in a row? Austin only gave his followers a little bit of information on what went down in a series of tweets posted earlier today.

At the beginning of the day Austin posted an excited tweet before taking the test.

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6 Responses to "Austin Mahone Failed Driver’s Test, Twice!"

    baby gurll says:

    austin mahone u can do anything u is fucking awesome

    Spongebob Squarepants says:

    It’s Okay, I feel your pain :(

    Sammy says:

    It’s okay Austin! There’s always next time!

    Sky says:

    I wish you the best of luck! I know a lot of people who can drive I know how to drive its easy ;D

    Natasha says:

    Awh ! Better luck next time

    Kelly says:

    It’s so easy, how can you fail. You have to try to fail!

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