REPORT: Production on ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes’ Shut Down Indefinitely

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We hope you're sitting down for this, Shadowhunters. Production on The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes has been shut down "indefinitely" according to The Wrap. City of Ashes was scheduled to start production last week — heck, back in May it was all ready to go — but now it seems the production company is back tracking.

Constantin Film, who is behind the production, released a statement that reads: "Constantin Film has a long tradition of adapting books to the big screen. Pushing back the start of production of ‘City of Ashes’ was a decision we did not take lightly. But after speaking with all of our partners on the creative and distribution side, it was clear that it will be beneficial to have more time to reposition the film in the current market place."

They added: "‘The Mortal Instruments’ series has an incredibly loyal and ardent fan base and is a bestselling book series. While taking Cassandra Clare’s vision to the screen, we want to make sure to draw on the full potential of the franchise.”

Now, it doesn't exactly say it will never get made, but it doesn't really give a lot of confidence that a sequel will happen, either.

However, The Wrap added, "While Constantin is committed to making the sequel, the company did not want to rush into production with an unfinished screenplay, preferring to take the time to get right."

The film's original director Harald Zwart was poised to return along with stars Lily Collins, Jamie Campell Bower, and Kevin Zegers. Also, it was announced back in July that Sigourney Weaver would be joining the cast as well.

While Teen was a HUGE fan of the film, critics didn't necessarily have the best things to say, and it only earned about half of its budget at the box office.

What say you, Shadowhunters? Is this upsetting? Or do you think it's Sound off in the comments!

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  • Ana Caetano

    I hope they make the film, because I LOVE this books…and I love the cast and the film <3

  • JessieJSK

    I loved the movie and I would rate it 5/5 !!
    I dont get to see the reason behind many sites just considering the reviews of Famous critics!! A bigger part of audience seems to love the movie yet, they consider it a flop??
    The movie did great! But the alterations in the end where disappointing for those who read the book!!! (But, yeah 99% of the book adaptations have seen this change so that doesnt have to matter. )
    The movie was amazing and enjoyable!! THE CAST in one word can be described as PERFECT!!! I mean, I was pretty amazed by the cast!! Jamie totally took in the essence of Jace!! He totally perfected his part !! 😀 Simon too!! He kept the geeky feels alive and brought Simon to Life!! Lily, teand Jemima did great!!
    So I couldn’t imagine Alex Pettyfr taking the role of Jace!! Alex could never potray Jace by his soul!!
    So,Jace is Jamie and Jamie is Jace!! Cause Jace cannot be played better by anyone neither did Jamie destroy Jace!! He was Jace
    It needs a SEQUEL for it is in it where the story is taken to a further level!!!
    Like every sensible humans out there says that the book cannot be completely adapted into a movie, i too agree with it!!
    The sequel is necessary because in the first book/movie
    1)Clary’s mom is put into a coma, so she has to wake up.
    2)The love triangle has to work out, that too has to happen in the sequels..
    3)Valentine’s plan should be further more introduced to see the inner light and tremor of the story!!
    I hope they make the next script great and exceptionally amazing!!
    I want them to show what this STORY is all about and how AMAZING it is!
    I want all the critics to take back what they said when they realise the plot holes were meant to be filled in sequels to keep up the thrill!!

  • Wendi

    I had never heard of The Mortal Instruments. My daughter and I saw it on a whim while my son saw The World’s End with his friends. We both loved THI so much that we left the theater and went to Barnes and Noble and bought the entire series! She is finishing City of Bones and I am in the middle of City of Glass. She and I both love the books and were looking forward to seeing City of Ashes together. TMI is such an amazing series and I love that I can share it with my daughter. I really hope that they follow through and finish the film series.

  • Gaby

    I really love the movie. I am a BIG BIG FAN too!! I’ve read the book too.
    That movie is Fantastic. I even made Necklaces and Bracelets about the mortal instrument. Good Job!

  • kaela

    Okay I have read the books many times and was EXTREMELY disappointed with the movie. Like how can you take a book, flip it all around and then put it on the big screen? and they’ve basically screwed themselves over because Clary has the cup and Valentine is dead. So yeah. As long as they find a new director, I think that they should move on with production of the second movie, because no matter what, people are going to come back for more

    • SilentSecrets

      Valentine isn’t dead, the movie just posed it so that Clary and Jace would think he was. He escaped through the portal before the explosion.

  • Daphne

    I think that the movie was amazing as the actors did well in portraying the role of their character. I’m sad to hear that the sequel will not be coming out as I am a huge fan of theres and I’m disappointed that it did so poorly at the box office. The movie was enjoyable and it really needs a sequel. :)

  • Sarah

    The movie was awesome!!!! Words can’t describe how I feel. The acting was excellent (spot-on), they portrayed the characters to the best (according to the book). Everyone did an amazing job. The cast was definitely cast well & it was really really good. Please make the sequel. I need to see how they play out the City of Ashes!!!

  • Alex


  • Vanessa

    WHAT!!!!!!!!! OMG THEY HAVE TO CONTINUE…. I absolutely adore the series and i want to see it all on film…. Plz plz plz don’t make us wait to long

  • Kim

    NOO!!!! WHY? Ahhh They need to start making it :(

  • jasmin

    I waited long for the first one and there is not going to be a second one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Love the books and movie.I am mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jasmin

    I waited long for the first one and now there is not going to be a second one!!!!!!!!!I Love the book and the movie. i thought the cast and the movie was great. I so mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I hope they continue! I love the books and was extremely happy with the movie so I will be so disappointed if the sequel does not happen

  • Wendy

    According to Cassandra Clare’s tumblr, it’s just delayed. They’re still gonna make it!

  • Sam

    They can’t just stop in the middle of the series! They have to keep going! Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games didn’t stop! At least now it gives me more time to actually read the second book.

    • Pebbs

      Maybe because TMI didn’t even make half of what they made with their first movie. Dont think they will make Beautiful Creatures saga either. they also did horrible in box office.

  • Sam

    That is so disappointing! i really liked the movie and even though it was different than the book it was still really goo! I was looking forward to the sequel so much!

  • Hannah

    I have read the books and was pleased with the movie. I thought it followed the book a lot better than I initially thought it would. I thought it was amazing!

  • Noee dc

    I reallllllllly love the book but I was soooo disappointed in the movie! I didn’t like it at all, the actors were great the screenplay was lacking a lot. Plus the punch at the end was brought wrong, the music was extremely cheesy, the movie was to short with didn’t have time to connect with the characters… and lets just not even talk about the changed ending!

  • Brooke

    I’m kinda sad. I’m already ready for the DVD to come out for the City of Bones. I was excited for another movie to come out next year. Hope they can get everything resolved and still come out with a sequel at some point.

  • Ashley

    I haven’t read the books, so I had nothing to compare it to. I loved the movie, but felt they should have cut the last 5 minutes of it out. But I just got the book so I can start reading, and now there may be no sequel? SAY WHAT?

  • Janelle

    I’ve read all of the books more than once, and although a couple things were changed I absolutely LOVED IT! I made my mom go with me and she’s now hooked on it. She made me go home to try and find out when the second one will come out and then was mad we had to wait that long!!! I need this sequel! I will be devastated if it doesn’t happen! I hope they figure something out! Mortal Instruments or die!

  • Susan

    I really hope they make it. I though City of Bones was fenomenal and a sequel is needed!!

  • Lena

    Words can’t even describe how i feel. I’ve been a TMI fan for a long time and this comes as a shock. Though the movie didn’t do well at the box office, I absolutely loved it. I’m so sad and hope this doesn’t mean that the sequel won’t happen. I can deal with a year of delay, but after that, I’m just not sure. Lily, Jamie, Robert, Kevin, Jemima and everyone else did a fantastic job on it. I hope that won’t go to waste. The whole book couldn’t fit into the movie, but I think it was very well done. Still in shock.

  • Ann

    I think that the movie was fantastic and remained as true to the book as was possible. Of course, there were scenes that did not make it into the movie, but this was natural as the length of the book can not be adequately reflected in a film. That being said, I believe that the actors were well cast, and the movie itself was very very good. I need a sequel. I need Malec in my life.