Happy Birthday, Niall Horan! GIFs to Prove He’s the Most Angelic Member of One Direction

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Happy, happy birthday to Niall Horan! The One Direction boy bander is no longer a teenager, as he turns the big 2-0 today (Friday, September 13). However, though he's leaving his teenage years behind, we know that what's ahead of him is far greater than what he leaves behind. (We think that's like, a famous quote or something.)

Anyways, we have nothing but MAD love for Niall, and we will take this opportunity to declare that he is absolutely the most underrated member of 1D. Now, OBVIOUSLY we know that there are MILLIONS of fans that love Niall, but we think he doesn't get enough credit for being his sweet, angelic self. He is the only member that doesn't have any tattoos after all.

So, to celebrate Niall's 20th birthday, we complied 20 GIFs to prove how sweet he is for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy them below!

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Happy birthday, Niall! We love you!

Remember when Tyler Oakley interviewed 1D? Yeah, that was awesome.

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  • Belle

    Happy Birthday Nialler! i agree with this article you are so underrated people should really appreciate you more i love you and hopefully this year i will leave you a birthday message on your birthday. Oh and if you’re dating barbara then good for you you make a great couple but since i do love you!, in the wise words of one stefan salvatore, “Niall, i’m not happy about Barbara but i’m not not happy for you Either!.
    Hope you had a good Birthday and hope you’lle have an even better one this year.

  • Mander

    Happy birahdty to you…Happy birahdty to you…Happy birahdty dear beautiful wonderful darling amazing Bonnie!!!!Happy birahdty to you <3I hope you have a wonderful day, Bonnie!May it be filled with lots of happy memories and special moments spent doing all the things you love with your favorite people in the world.I\'m looking forward to seeing your special photos tomorrow :)~Alice

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  • Sammy

    Happy birthday Niall! I love you so much!

  • Claire

    Happy Birthday Niall!!!!
    I love you and can’t wait to hear your new album! Hope you got a ton of solos!
    You’ve got that one thing that makes me soo happy so I reeeally hope you have the incredible birthday you deserve!!!!

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