Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your ‘Adventure Time’ Trivia?

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Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Three years ago, a human boy and his magical dog brother set out to become righteous adventurers in the Land of Ooo on Adventure Time. Fast forward to today, five seasons later, and the two are still going on whirlwind journeys on the Cartoon Network show. How much do you know about the series? Test your knowledge now!


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  • Roster

    I have know idea what this is plus I made up the name and birthday

  • amanda

    Joey Graceffa and Strawburry17 aren’t even ‘linked’ to adventure time (if that made sense) sure they made videos about adventure time but no. just. no.

  • smiledoughnut

    why were the youtubers included?
    it’s not like I have anything against them, but why the fuck do they have to be involved in this quiz? it’s about adventure time, not youtube!

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  • Allan Chac√≥n

    The quiz was cool… but this is supposed to be “ADVENTURE TIME QUIZZ”… the fact that a couple of youtubers has something to do with the series is really unfair because the fact that you know them doesn’t mean its directly related to Adventure Time…. Joe and Strawberry questions must be taken away…

  • bob

    who is strawburry17 and why are there so many questions about her…

  • Alyssa

    Finn and Jake are how they are today because of the lich and they have many friends and they gone on many adventures with many of them such as, marceline, princess bubblegum, Susan strong, and others. The opposite sex is the same way aka Fionna is fun as Finn and cake and Jake are the same way. The same with the rest of the characters!

  • billy