Caption This Pic of Taylor Swift Getting Sassy!

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Taylor Swift is easily America's sweetheart, but she's not afraid to get a little sassy! The 23-year-old "Red" singer stopped by the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday afternoon to help promote the upcoming film One Chance, and did a quick photo shoot. One of the photos that caught our attention was this shot of Taylor looking at her nails and giving a "whatever" pose. Between this and her "STFU" at the VMAs, we're liking this edgy side of her! What goes through your mind when you see this pic? Here's your moment to let your funny side shine! How would you caption this?


Taylor Swift's shopping date with Hailee Steinfeld!

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  • Florian

    I haven’t eaten in weeks and that fingernail looks good.

  • Person

    Coffee . Now

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  • Sarah E. Cooper

    “I would slap you, but I don’t want to get stupid on my hand.”

  • Sammy

    I’m so over boys!

  • Blair

    I don’t like Taylor swift but i just wanted to say this. everyone judge her too hard. You all judge her from how many people she dated and with how many she broke up while no one looked how many money has give to poor people etc!

  • Ange

    People throw rocks at things that shine.

    • Anh

      Good one :)

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  • Grace Woodall

    I would smack you, but luckily for you my nails are still wet!

  • C

    “You broke up with your boyfriend? Lol! I had at least five times more break-ups this past month! Get over your self!”

    • vs

      hahaha nice one!

  • sonia

    about 20 boyfriends and 20 revenge breakup songs,psssh whatevs…

  • Kennedie

    Please. I don’t have time for this.