Readers Weigh in on Miam Split After Liam Hemsworth Kisses Eiza Gonzalez

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It's been a solid couple of days since the news broke that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called off their 1-year+ engagement, and a little less time since word got out that the Aussie actor was spotted partying with singer Eiza Gonzalez. But now, there's actual proof of a romantic relationship between Liam and the beautiful Latina.

E! Online scored a picture of the two kissing at her apartment complex in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, a couple days after their meet-up in Las Vegas. So far, no one's confirmed when the two started hooking up — was it before or after Miam called it quits? — but Teen readers have since taken sides in the matter on Facebook:

Milli Maloto Team Liam! It's about time, he deserves someone better.

Sarah Norris Team Miley. I've been a fan of her since I was little and Liam doesn't have my respect anymore since he cheated. Miley's been through a lot and she doesn't deserve that. Yeah, she's changed–but Liam's lost my respect. stay strong Miley

Botezatu Roxana Eiza is just a better option for Liam, she is mature and knows exactly who she is, on the other hand, Miley just keeps being the kid she always wanted and most of the times doesn't realise she needs to grow up and think about her future, now only live the moment

Brianna Nichole Easaw Wow it's sad to see all these girls happy about this when he cheated on her. Y'all asses would be hurt and pissed if a guy did this to y'all. Smh. I feel bad for Miley who you are in music videos and on stage is a ***ing act. Liam is a pig for this ****. I know how bad it hurts to get cheated on. So no I'm not gonna say congrats Liam or any of that ****.

Hilary Cree I don't care who she is, she's better for him than Miley could ever be. I say, "Go Liam!"

Kaila Hilty i do not ship [Liza] in anyway .. im sorry but Liam … u made a mistake

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  • sydney

    Liam and Miley broke up before the supposed cheat. So he didn’t cheat on anyone. Team Liam.

  • Emily

    team liam we dont actually know when they called it of and miley is a mess but if he cheated then team…no one

  • rose

    wow , people are actually team Liam? what if your ex had cheated on you in the times when you were together. you would leave his damn ass too.

    • lina

      he didn’t cheat on her.

  • Yep

    LOL. I thought they’ve already broken up months ago. So many people had already predicted this, so what’s so shocking about the breakup? By the way, I think it’s a big upgrade from Miley. Some people didn’t think maybe there’s really something wrong with Miley’s attitude (obviously) that’s why he’s looking for someone else.

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  • Erykah

    Definitely Team Miley! No one’s acknowledging the fact that Liam CHEATED on Miley! Even if you don’t like Miley, NO ONE deserves to be cheated on. People who are calling Miley a slut, must not know what the actual definition is. If anyone’s a slut, it’s Liam! It’s only been a day since they’ve announced the break-up and he’s already moved on. Who does that?!

  • Sammy

    Liam and Eiza are totally cute together!