17 of the Best (Okay, and Weirdest) Morphing Celebs

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Combining your face with a celebrity’s to determine what your baby would look like isn’t a new concept. But more recently, we’ve seen combos of celeb morphings to determine, well… nothing really. It’s just for fun. (Did you see the result of Demi Lovato‘s mug merging with Simon Cowell‘s? In the words of the “Heart Attack” singer herself, “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”)

So, we went through all of the transformations in @Morphing_Celebs‘ Twitter gallery and picked the best (okay, and weirdest) combinations of the bunch. Check ‘em out in the gallery below, then tell us which one’s your fave in the comments! NOTE: You’ll probably realize that things start to get more and more odd as you click along…

Morphing Celebs: Tyler Oakley & Miley Cyrus

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Perrie Edwards & Katy Perry

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Harry Styles & Harry Potter

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Ellen DeGeneres & Ross Lynch

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Dave Franco & Zac Efron

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Jade Thirlwall & Ariana Grande

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Louis Tomlinson & Adam Levine

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Shane Dawson & Joey Graceffa

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Taylor Lautner & Zayn Malik

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Dylan O'Brien & Tyler Posey

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: All of One Direction

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Selena Gomez & Lucy Hale

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Ellie Goulding & Niall Horan

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Justin Bieber & Justin Timberlake

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Simon Cowell & Demi Lovato

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

Morphing Celebs: Liam Payne & Betty White

Photo: Twitter (@MorphingCelebs)

15 LOL-Worthy Celebrity Face Swaps

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9 Responses to "17 of the Best (Okay, and Weirdest) Morphing Celebs"

  1. Teen.com
    Sebizzar says:

    Miley Oakley – Still looks like Miley lol.

    Katy Perrie – Gorgeous, still looks like Katy :P

    Harry PotStyles – There is an actor or Youtuber who looks just like that! Can’t remember his name but yeah.

    Ross DeGeneres – Um… either a feminine surfer dude or still a lesbian lol!

    Dave Efron – HOLY :0 Could be Zac Efron’s hotter brother :D

    Jade Grande – Still looks like Ariana!

    Adam Tomlinson – JESUS CRUST. Adam’s manly face and Louis’ girly face make a perfect male model ;D

    Shane Graceffa – Skater :P

    Zayn Lautner – Mexican pretty boy lol

    Dylan Posey – Not bad ;)

    All of one Direction – Niall’s hotter older brother xD

    Selena Hale – Pretty but bad angles to morph!

    Ellie Horan – Looks like this Youtuber who does drag lol.

    Justin Bieberlake – Meh. And again bad pics to morph!

    Taylor Sheeran – LOL

    Simon Lovato – LMFAO!!

    Betty Payne – Is that you Tom Hanks? xD

  2. Teen.com
    dhiyaa dzakwan says:

    wow it’s so amazin :D

  3. Teen.com
    Franny says:

    ok zac and dave is just plain hot.

  4. Teen.com
    Caroline says:

    ummmmm.. yeah :D

  5. Teen.com
    Brea says:

    wow the Perrie Edwards and Katy Perry morph looks gorgeous!

  6. Teen.com
    Alice W. says:

    haha, all of One Direction looks like Ryan Seacrest!

  7. Teen.com
    Jessica says:

    Shane, and Joeys. #madness
    Tyler Okaley + Miley Cyrus = ._.
    Perrie + Katy= Not Bad.
    Harry+ Harry= ERMERGERD
    Ross+Ellen= Wat.
    Zac+Dave= :D
    Okay I’m just gonna say these look all” Unique”

  8. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    OMG! These are really weird and freaky!

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