What We’ll Miss Most About ‘Big Time Rush’ (The TV Show, Not Boy Band)

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Just in case you still had a shred of hope that Big Time Rush would come back, we're sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth has finally been released: The hit Nickelodeon series will NOT be returning for a fifth season.

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In an interview with Huffington Post Teen, the foursome confirmed what we pretty much knew at the end of Season 4, "Let's put it this way: The episodic 28-minute Big Time Rush episodes are done." BUT, rather than focus on the discontinuation of BTR, we wanna focus on all the best moments from the comedy with what we'll miss most:

Logan's Facial Expressions

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James' Hair
(no matter what length)

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Carlos' Helmet

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The On-Screen Bromance

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What will you miss most about Big Time Rush? Are you bummed the show's not returning to Nickelodeon, or do you think it was the right time to say goodbye? Tell us in the comments!

EXCLUSIVE: Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt talks new music!

Young Boy Asks Santa to Get BTR for His Bullied Sister

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  • Megan McKnight

    I think it was time to say goodbye a good portion of the cast are kind of older then the age of the characters they play on TV,Plus Nick cancelled victorious because they are trying to get away music based tv shows. Plus Iam pretty sure the cast wanted to return to their normal lives.

  • eka

    i love you so much i want to see you but …. <3 love you (james love you are my favourite lovee youu<3 )

  • Simone

    The show was amazing and super funny. I’ll miss them!

  • Josselyn

    There has to be a season 5 because big time rush is the best thing in the world.

  • michael buxton

    i think they should make a new season 5 of big time rush i have fully respect on the boys and the band with new music on the show and new celebrities, will make a proper finale and best hope of the future for big time rush i believe in them. this is your best friend michael buxton biggest fan of big time rush

  • Rose

    I really miss this show but I will miss the most Katie loved her character :)

  • Katya vela

    You can’t just stop making btr shows!! It ended on such a way that you need to make more episodes atleast one final one to know is Kendal does actually choose jo and what happens to Lucy

  • kazibwe kelvin

    im so bugged by these pipo who jst cancel shows!!!!!! victorious was cancelled, sam & cat barely made a season n now BTR!!!!! WTF iz wrng with these pipo do they wnt us to watch news!!

  • kazibwe kelvin

    i will miss big time rush but y r these fools jst unfair…… victorious, sam & cat which only made 1 season and now BTR WTF!!!! #BIGTIMEPISSED&BIGTIMESAD

  • Em


  • mary

    a miss Big Time Rush because there songs is very cute please come backkkkkkk pleaseeeee pleaseee btr a love

    • danielk

      Yeah me too! Love them so much!!