Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes Confirm They’re an Item on Twitter

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It’s official! After a few weeks of speculation, Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes from The Wanted have officially confirmed that they’re dating. Taking to Twitter (where they have a combined total of just about 11.2 MILLION followers) they made the big announcement, albeit with a bit of hesitation.

The 20-year-old “Baby I” singer sent a tweet on Tuesday morning that read: “we hesitated saying anything as people can be a bit insensitive but thank u ♡ we value all of your happiness, thank you for valuing ours :)” Nathan also tweeted the news: “So, I guess it’s obvious now… thanks to everyone who is being so lovely. I’m so happy #butweareterrified #pleasedontkillme #orariana.”

In fact, they even RT’d each others tweets to further confirm the news. Word of the two dating came back in August after they collaborated on a song for The Mortal Instruments soundtrack titled, “Almost Is Never Enough.” At the time, Ariana was on again/off again with YouTuber Jai Brooks, and he even helped her film the music video for her song “Baby I.”

And if their Twitter confirmation wasn’t enough, the two were seen taking their PDA to Disneyland for a fun-filled day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

So, what do YOU guys think or Nariana? Will you/do you ship them? Sound off in the comments!

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12 Responses to "Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes Confirm They’re an Item on Twitter"

    Rose says:

    I don’t ship them but if she’s happy, then I’m happy. I think Jariana is a better couple tho.

    Ali says:

    Could honestly just be a celebrity “public dating” thing. I don’t like this. I loved her and jai more.

    Diana says:

    Nathan and Ariana are so cute together i’m so jealous but I can’t hate on them cuz they are adorable together

    Someone says:

    Sorry, don’t ship them. I have a feeling their relationship is going to end quickly though. Sorry. I’m not trying to hate on them it’s just……like Cara and Harry. I never and just can’t imagine them together. They don’t seem too make a good couple in my opinion. But, I’m not going to force them to break up or anything, so don’t come running at me with pitchforks and torches. Please.

    Isabel says:

    I knew it!!! They are so cute together. I fully support Nariana. BTW there ship name almost spells out Narnia. Never had a single doubt they weren’t.

    Sam says:

    They are so cute together! They are both such good singers and i love The Wanted and Ariana Grande!

    Unknown says:

    No, I dont like it. the only thing I like about them dating is that SHE is happy nothing else. Jariana is a trillion times better. Really disappointed and I dont like Nathan

    Alexis says:

    They’re cute, but….. Jariana? </3

    Emily says:

    BEST COUPLE EVER! They’re the cutest!

    @emilyyyxo says:

    theyre cute but i dont know, she moved on from jai prettyyy fast

    huda says:

    tottaly ship them

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