Ouch! Ariana Grande’s Ex’s Twin Calls Her a “Stupid ***” on Twitter

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InstagramIt was the day Nariana shippers had been waiting for — Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes confirmed their relationship! But, apparently, not everyone's in support of the "Almost is Never Enough"-crooning couple…

Just hours after the two went public to their fans/the entire world on Twitter, Ari's ex's twin, Luke Brooks, took to his own account and made a couple public statements of his own, clearly not in favor of brother Jai Brooks' old flame and her new beau (which is strange because The Janoskians came out to support the "Baby I" singer on her last Listening Sessions tour night earlier this month after Jai and Ariana split).

Luke writes:

And, just in case that wasn't clear enough:

However, dedicated Arianators stood by their idol, hitting back at Luke. @godriana even said, "the stupid ho that gave your 'band' half the fame you have today."

Do you support Nariana? What do you think of Luke's comments? Tell us your honest opinions in the comments below. We wanna know!

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  • Olivia

    Umm that bitch Ariana CHEATED ON JAI the cutest sweetest little thing ever for disgusting Nathan Sykes WHO WOULD DO THAT!! She’s a disgusting little whore and she had an amazing boyfriend and he would do anything for her and she threw that all down the drain like it was nothing, and Luke is Jai’s brother, who has the right to stand up for him and have a say because Jai is too nice to. Ariana did not give the janoskians half their fame, their fame comes from YouTube which is a different world than hers which is the “TV show celeberty” so no, she didn’t give them any fame because are they on the red carpet like three times a week? No. If anything she just made Jai noticeable but it didn’t do much as Arianators are claiming. She is a disgrace to the human race. A filthy skank.

  • Mike

    Arial quit calling Ariana Grande a slut and a bitch that is what you are for saying that

  • Mike

    Arial quit calling Ariana Grande a slut and a bitch

  • Arial

    Yup its all bullshit. Ariana is just a big ho. I don’t think that Jai ever asked to get hurt because he loves her and she just used him. He is the sweetest guy ever and he didn’t deserve that. He needs a girl who TRULY LOVES HIM! ariana just a bitch for leaving him for that stupid,ugly guy named nathan. I think that she is just a SLUT! I’v always hated her and now i will always hate her for doing that to Jai. She never even loved him. So luke is right and even after they brought her in and cared about her she just had to treat him and all of his brothers like that. I mean after all thay did for her and thats how she treats them back! Thats TOTAL BULLSHIT!

    • Olivia


  • Michael Atterberry

    i like Ariana Grande she is my best friend

  • ifeellikerantingmmkay

    I think the way Ariana treated Jay was absolute shit. He seems like a wonderful person, and this girl had to come in, make him fall in love with her and then piss all over his life. I think Luke had every right to flip out on Ariana, seeing as he was just defending his brother. She claimed that they were so in love pre breakup, and then when shit hit the fan,and the world started seeing who she really was, she claims that Jai was only using her for publicity, when we could all see how much he loved her. Jai was the one who was deeply hurt during this relationship, and he still comes out as the bad guy? Fucking bullshit.

    And when it comes to Nariana, I honestly couldnt give to shakes of a bumblebees butt about them.
    kay thanks for reading my mini rant baiiiii.

    • Olivia


    • Fairooz

      OMG Thank u so,so,so much for stating this. like seriously, jay luvs her, she cheats, jay breaks up, she gets another guy, and jay gets hurt and becums the bad guy ? seriously? -_- fuck this bullshit… and when it cums to publicity, ariana isn’t THAT popular that the world is craving full of her fans or sumthing…i didn’t even know she exists until the last few months !!! she be there acting like she’s all-that…oh please, even miley cyrus is more interesting than her

  • Tacarra little

    She’s not a hoe and if u call someone that ur just jealous because u can’t get austin or jai so baby’s now quit calling people hoes and quit calling Selena one to cause justin don’t want u -kayla

  • kayla

    what a hoe!!!!