REPORT: Nian’s Really Over — Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough Are Dating!

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TwitterWell, there goes all of our hopes that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder would rekindle their relationship after their May 2013 split — rumor has it that she's dating Derek Hough!

According to E! News, the recent Emmy-winner (for Outstanding Choreography on Dancing with the Stars) and The Vampire Diaries actress are "somewhat serious" after becoming a couple in August of this year.

Considering that his sister, Julianne Hough, is best friends with the 24-year-old actress, the two have been linked for some time, but only recently began to sing each other's praises:

Earlier this month, co-star/ex complimented his former love online, calling her "stunning" after spotting her cover of Cosmopolitan at the store. Guess that was just a friendly rather than romantic remark. Sigh.

Will you support Nina's relationship with Derek? Or do you wish she'd get back together with Ian? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

See what else Nina Dobrev has to say about relationships…

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  • Bella

    I’m surprised the word downgrade didn’t trend today. But gosh, she is obsessed with that family and boy has she changed.

  • alice

    Derek is so ugly, ewwwww

  • Sammy

    Never pictured them going out.

  • Alex

    Nooo :( get back there and love Ian !!!
    Honestly Nina next time you decide to break up with Ian over some other guy at least make sure he knows the difference between “your” and “you’re”
    and-and c’mon dude Ian’s the bomb…get over yourselves already and kiss 😀

  • Roos

    don’t like them. idk but nina is so over enthousiast on twitter and acting like a rich girl. (‘dead people be like’ & making fun of fans ‘lol that’s so true! [BITCH TWEET ME-SORRY LOVE YOU WILL YOU PLS TWEET ME?]’) and all those tweets to derek… she just sounds thirsty… also he won an emmy and he is the best but he is totally gay. i will like him when he’s open about that. lol