REPORT: Justin Bieber Kicks Out Pals Lil Za and Lil Twist After Jewelry Heist

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Instagram (@justinbieber)We're sure it's been a fun ride for Lil Za and Lil Twist, but after a long stay at Justin Bieber's Calabasas mansion — rent-free, we might add — the 19-year-old singer's kicking 'em to the curb.

According to TMZ, "Justin was furious earlier this month when he discovered th[at his] jewelry and other items were nowhere to be found. Twist and Za had both been staying at the house and they had thrown several parties in Justin's absence." The "As Long As You Love Me" crooner "blamed Twist and Za because it was on their watch" and "ordered them out."

Since the news broke, Justin took to his Instagram, claiming that he still has all of his jewelry, and it's just the press making up rumors. However, TMZ firmly stands by its report and that the young star's lying for the lesser-known artists: "Let us assure you… the theft happened, and he kicked the Lils out of the house." Oh, and Justin's also taken the Instagram post down.

Indirectly, it seems like Lil Twist is calling out the Biebs for tossing him out, aggressively stating via Twitter: "U gone hate u did this s***…" But, honestly, it's been a long time coming considering Twist was responsible for a hit-and-run in Justin's car, was in the driver's seat of another one of Bieber's vehicles when a paparazzo was killed, plus he and Lil Za were in the room when JB was allegedly caught smoking marijuana.

Do you think it's about time that the Biebs ditched the dead weight? Weigh in via the comments below, or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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  • kk

    no one told Justin to do anything so stop saying that lils were the worst influence you weren’t there so don’t act like you were(to the commenters who ”think” they know)

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  • anne

    he is such a wanna be black that he looks stupid even trying

  • anne

    Justin shouldn’t be blaming them because he is the one trying to act so cool but it just makes him look stupid and maybe if he hadn’t thrown so many parties none of his stupid jewelry would be missing. And all of you need to stop saying it’s their fault cause it’s not and stop protecting this wanna be kid thinking that he is black and doing to much for attention.

  • Bruce

    As a “mature teen” I knew from the get-go that these 2 were trouble. I loathe rap-crap. He should have kicked them at the first sign of trouble. Justin can b too nice.

  • Sammy

    Justin should stop hanging out with the wrong people because those people are ruining his career.

  • isabella

    ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! God, I hated those two with Justin. Not that things haven’t been partially Justin’s fault but those two are the worst influence anyone can have. I honestly don’t know how they have any self respect living off an 18 year old