Editor’s Note: We’re Banning Miley Cyrus For A Week… Here’s Why

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As the editor of several teen websites over the last few years, I’ve been tracking every move Miley Cyrus has made since 2009. But after her VMA performance last month, I knew it was time for a break. That performance, foam finger and all, will go down as one of the more controversial moments in the award show’s long history of controversial moments. Websites saw huge surges in traffic, Twitter records were broken and we were sure we’d be talking about it for weeks to come.

But since then, Miley has continuously tried to one-up herself. She released a jaw-dropping video for ‘Wrecking Ball,’ had an uncomfortable dance sesh with a puppet and a monkey, posed topless for Rolling Stone magazine and discussed the drugs she has used. Obviously the Miley train shows no sign of stopping. So we’re getting off.

Starting tomorrow, Sept. 28th, we aren’t going to post any news stories about Miley for a week. We won’t be talking about her at all on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Tumblr either. This isn’t a mean-spirited ban; we’re not putting her in time out. Miley is an artist who can choose to do whatever she wants and we’re not saying what she’s doing is right or wrong, but that we’ve been covering her extensively on our YouTube channel and here on Teen.com and we just want to not have to think about or write about what she’s doing for a week.

As always, we love getting feedback from our readers. Let us know if you’re on board with our decision or not. If you want a more detailed explanation of the reasons for the break, here’s a series of GIFs showcasing Miley’s most talked-about moments from the past year… moments that are keeping the 20-year-old on the tip of every media outlet’s tongue — minus one for the next week.


Stacy Hinojosa
Editorial Director, Teen.com

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  • Gail Barabasz

    I commend you, but why just a week. That is nothing. I think a permanent ban, at least until she straightens up her act is in order. Who really cares anything about Miley. She does not care about her fans, or herself.

  • nits

    I think this is an amazing thing. Its about time someone speaks up and does something about all this Miley controversy. she is obviously doing this to get attention and make a statement (which in my mind is completely legitimate and even necessary) but the way she is doing it is 100% WRONG! she has to understand that she has a young (and naive) fan-base and she has an obligation to be a role model to them (even if she doesn’t want to). I as a woman planning on having children do not want them to be exposed to this kind of vulgar behavior. Im not saying that people (especially celebrities) shouldn’t be pushing boundaries, they should! i dare say they its even necessary as an evolving society but it needs to be done in a right way and there have been people who have done that like lady gaga (even though i am not a personal fan of hers). I think more media organizations should be doing this even for a short time so that the message we are trying to make will finally get to Miley.

  • Lumy

    I totally agree with you guys and I support what you are doing!! Everything she is doing lately is too much, and I am tired of seeing headlines everyday about how she is naked in this, twerking on that. It is about time someone realized we need to stop! Props to you, Teen.com!

  • chad

    It is very obvious that this is Teen lashing out at Miley. I certainly LOVE teen and I love Miley, however; this is pretty childish if you ask me. You are a news source, it is your job to cover news, expecially Miley Cyrus, the biggest name in pop culture at the moment. Tisk tisk teen! <3

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  • jess

    If you like Miley than why are you even reading this? You can go somewhere else and get info on her. I strongly agree with CARLA. I’m 18 and know that Miley has gone off the deep end. Finding yourself is one thing….dancing naked on a wrecking ball, making out with blow up dolls, and “trying not to be sexy” at the awards show are two different things. I pray my kids never grow up to do that stuff. When I have kids they will not be watching any Miley Cyrus. I think anything to do with young kids and teenagers should ban Miley from whatever they do.

  • Casy

    So agree with this!! 😀 If she can do anything with her career and life, so do you with your publications! 😀 Xoxo from México

  • ashley

    let people express themselves and be who they want me and my friends are no longer coming on here again obviously u guys dont get the meaning or message on why shes doing this me and my while school arent going on here again bye

  • Natalie

    I agree! But I don’t think a week will be enough.. how about a month?

  • kaelie

    Thank you Teen.com. I strongly agree with your decision

  • Carla

    Wow… so much controversy over this Miley “ban”. I for one think this is a great idea! And it makes me sad that some people think that what she’s doing is okay. It doesn’t surprise me that they do though… I mean, she’s Miley. She’s a star! She can do whatever she wants. And who are we to say that she can’t? Well, I’m not saying that she can’t do whatever she wants. Just saying that I don’t agree with what she’s doing. For one, I would NOT want my daughter or my niece or ANY little girl doing what she’s doing. Heck, I wouldn’t want ANY age girl doing that. One thing that really irks me is that when people become “celebrities”, they are instantly raised up onto an incredibly high pedestal. They’re given incredibly high respect. Now I’m not saying that some don’t deserve respect, we all deserve respect. (in a sense) No matter what that celebrity does, it’s okay because they’re just being who they are… But yet one a “normal” person (meaning a non-celebrity) can do the same thing that they’re called out for it, possibly even jailed, and they’re looked down upon because of what they’re doing… Double standard? I think so.
    I don’t condone what Miley is doing. I think it’s trashy. And it really makes me sad when people say, “Oh, it’s okay. It’s just Miley doing Miley. She’s trying to find herself. So it’s okay.”…. o.O REALLY!?!?! So it’s okay for your daughter to do what Miley is doing, all because she’s trying to find herself? If you say no, that your daughter will never do anything like that… Get real. If she looks up to Miley, if she idolizes her, chances are she will want to do exactly what Miley is doing. Because the world is telling your daughter, that it’s okay. And I agree when people say that it comes down to parenting. Yes it does. But you could be the best parent in the world, and your child can still go wrong. You can limit what they watch, hear, read… But that limit only extends so far. Once they’re out of that limitation reach, they’ll do whatever they want. So it not only comes down to parenting, but it comes down to the media as well. If everyone did a Miley “ban” for this week, that’s one week that our daughters/nieces (even sons/nephews) that they can turn to something a little (or a lot) more wholesome. But then again… Who am I speak my opinion?

  • Asmi

    Nice decision !

  • Lannie

    Thank you for a much needed break from Miley!

    • miley cyrus

      shut up ugly selentor look like a creature miley is perfect this webside is stupid you nees to stop hate her also selena take picture of her in tiny tiny clothes so selena isen’t an angel!

      • Weeee

        You’re a dumbass, I have no idea what you are saying, but I know it’s something about Miley being perfect, and Miley Cyrus is a slut. She is an embarrassment to other woman.

      • Your worst nightmare

        Girl, stop being a b*tch. like really, get a load of reality.