Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend Defends His Sister After Larry Stylinson Fan Slam

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Louis Tomlinson‘s sister, Lottie, has been on the receiving end of major backlash ever since she publicly slammed fans of Larry Stylinson, the fan-concocted relationship between One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.

In reference to her comment calling shippers of the faux couple “deluded freaks,” one fan wrote a letter stating (via Twitter): “I’d rather be called a deluded freak than be a 15-year-old little girl… You think you can insult us and we’re not allowed to fight back?… You’re not better than any one of us, so stop being a b**** and grow up.” Ouch!

Since then, Lottie’s made a point to apologize — but Louis’ girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, says she has no reason to. Here are the back-to-back comments:



Who’s side are you on? Are you Team Lottie/Eleanor? Or totally on Team Larry-shippers? Leave a note in the comments below, Directioners!

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29 Responses to "Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend Defends His Sister After Larry Stylinson Fan Slam"

  1. Teen.com
    Dallas says:

    I’m on El and Lotties team ,she had every right both of them did ,first of all why are you sending a boys sister FAKE porn of himself and another guy doing sexual things or sexual fanisices involving them or her brother and his girlfriend ,that’s discussing so think to yourself would you have been so nasty to her if the boys read this? Or if they weren’t famous? . . . . Yeah that’s what I thought so shut your mouth and keep your thoughts to yourself and your perverted friends.

  2. Teen.com
    Layla says:

    You are not any better than us so stop being a b**** and grow up. Please the only people that need to grow up are the people that said that. She may not be better than you but she sure does act a whole lot better than you sleazebags. She has nothing to apologize for. Im totally Team El and Lottie. I <3 you Lottie and El.

  3. Teen.com
    Karli says:

    Team El and Lottie. Like its sad that people would be so rude and mean

  4. Teen.com
    Micah says:

    Eleanor is so,so right!

  5. Teen.com
    Madi says:

    YEAH go Eleanor and Lottie. People these days can be so mean on the internet and they both have every right to tell the truth

  6. Teen.com
    Alexis says:

    Eleanor and Lottie have a big point people need to grow up! And Lottie shouldn’t have to apologies she was just sticking up for her brother!!! I love Larry but really guys! Come on that’s just rude and mean…… I would have to go will Lottie and Eleanor on this!! Love youguys!!

  7. Teen.com
    Mary says:

    I think they can ship larry,but no one should send harry,louis,eleanor or his sister anything and nobody should insult eleanor or his sister,because they haven’t done ANYTHING to the larry shippers so yeah..they can ship larry secretly! I think it’s just rude and sad that larry shippers insult his sister or are mean to eleanor!

  8. Teen.com
    brianna says:

    I’m on team Lottie and team Eleanor.

  9. Teen.com
    Perriex says:

    Seriously our fandom can be at times vile. I’m totally with Lottie/Eleanor. Larry Shippers need to calm down. x

  10. Teen.com
    Elin says:

    I’m On Team El & Lottie!

  11. Teen.com
    R says:

    I think that if you want to ship Larry, then you can. But don’t be sending things like that to them. Lottie doesn’t have to apologize for defending her brother.

  12. Teen.com
    Kennaaa says:

    I think that El and Lottie are correct and Lottie has nothing to apologize for. :) sorry Larry shippers, lou and el are adorbs!

  13. Teen.com
    Celeste says:

    The bottom line is: NO ONE has a right to ship REAL PEOPLE! They are the ones who know what they want and how they feel. If you want to “ship” two people in your own mind, or talk about it with other people who ship it, then fine. But the second you start to attack someone because they’re dating a person you ship with someone else you’ve crossed the line. It’s their life! You can’t tell them what to do.

  14. Teen.com
    Cassie says:

    I don’t personally ship Larry. But I think that people have the right to. And Lottie was probably right about somethings, people can take it WAY too far! But still, Louis is famous and things like that are going to happen. So while she probably shouldn’t have said anything, she doesn’t have anything to apologize for. It was her oppinion. She can express her thoughts just as much as shippers want Larry to be real.

  15. Teen.com
    Elise says:

    Not all Larry shippers are like that, I am a Larry shipper and I don’t send those things to Louis or Eleanor. I just reeaaaally like the idea of Louis and Harry together, and some of us can get to far. but please not all of us are like that, just because a few are like that, not everyone is that, it just makes me sad that people think we all do that. x

  16. Teen.com
    Emilia says:

    Team El and Lottie! I’m an Elounor shipper and I’ll respect Larry shippers, and respect their reasons for it. But when they’re constantly writing stuff about it on twitter, tweeting Eleanor and Louis, commenting horrible things on her instagram then that’s when I’ll start arguing back! You can’t just expect Lottie to take everything that was being said, she has a right to fight back!

  17. Teen.com
    Jeffers says:

    I’m on Eleanor and Lottie’s side! Lottie has the right to defend her brother and should never have to apologize for that.

  18. Teen.com
    Cat says:

    Team Larry Shippers! Lottie had no right to slam the Larry shippers and she should apologize! If you don’t like it them don’t look at it! It’s her fault for the rude comments she got.

    • Teen.com
      kelysia says:

      No! Larrys a bromance and she’s just defending a family member. If someone sent hate to your brother and called him gay and spreaded dumb rumors about him I bet u would Do the same thing. Larry is a dumb rumour and is not real. Louis so called “fans” should not be sending hate to his sis just because she defended he big brother. I’d do the same if I were her. People need to grow up. Elounor is real Larry is NOT! People these day SMH.

    • Teen.com
      Andi says:

      Stfu. Larry Is Not Real.

  19. Teen.com
    C says:

    Team Larry Shippers! Lottie had no right to slam the Larry shippers and she should apologize! If you don’t like it them don’t look at it! It’s her fault for the rude comments she got.

  20. Teen.com
    Gracie says:

    El is right Lottie has no reason to apologize

    • Teen.com
      Kylei says:

      She called Larry shippers deluded freaks because we think her brother is in a relationship with Harry. She had plenty to apologize for.

  21. Teen.com
    Directioner says:

    yayy! go El and Lottie!!!!!!!

  22. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    That was really sweet of Eleanor!

  23. Teen.com
    Crazy Mofo says:

    I agree with Eleanor ant that Lottie has nothing to apologize for and has full right to stand up for her brother and herself..!*

  24. Teen.com
    C says:

    She’s RIGHT!!!! Lottie’s not the one who should apologize! Some people are just… so RUDE!

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