Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend Defends His Sister After Larry Stylinson Fan Slam

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TumblrLouis Tomlinson's sister, Lottie, has been on the receiving end of major backlash ever since she publicly slammed fans of Larry Stylinson, the fan-concocted relationship between One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.

In reference to her comment calling shippers of the faux couple "deluded freaks," one fan wrote a letter stating (via Twitter): "I'd rather be called a deluded freak than be a 15-year-old little girl… You think you can insult us and we're not allowed to fight back?… You're not better than any one of us, so stop being a b**** and grow up." Ouch!

Since then, Lottie's made a point to apologize — but Louis' girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, says she has no reason to. Here are the back-to-back comments:


Who's side are you on? Are you Team Lottie/Eleanor? Or totally on Team Larry-shippers? Leave a note in the comments below, Directioners!

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  • QueenLou

    I’m on team Larry Shippers. Not because I ship Larry or hate Eleanor, I personally don’t care who Louis actually ends up with. He just seems more happy with Harry but um what ever. Anyway, I understand Lottie wanting to defend he brother but that doesn’t give Her the right to call half of the fandom freaks. Atleast be mature about it, it’s just plain rude and immature to go to that level. And Eleanor? Well obviously she would just say anything so Louis and Elounor shippers would like her more. Anyway, what I find funny is that I don’t think Louis had anything to say about this. He obviously doesn’t mind… So yeah sorry for the rant but Team Larry Shippers.

  • Alyssa

    Team Eleanor and Lottie. They’re right and Larry shippers shouldn’t be saying anything to her. They just need to accept that Elounor is real.