Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards Carry Him Up the Great Wall of China (PICTURE)

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When you’re The Boy King, you pretty much can get away with anything (i.e. peeing in a mop bucket and cursing out the former President), so it doesn’t come as much of a shock that pictures just surfaced of Justin Bieber literally being carried on the shoulders of his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China. The evidence:



In another Insta-picture from the same day, it’s being reported that the 19-year-old singer also took a break from his Asian tour and skateboarded through the streets of Beijing with his bodyguards following suit and sprinting behind him to keep up.

Guess you still have some work to do, Zach Galifianakis. That last chat didn’t instill much of a lesson (in our opinion anyway). What do you think of the Biebs’ latest stunt? Weigh in via the comments below, or on our Justin Bieber message board!

Would you have been fooled by this Justin Bieber prankster?

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9 Responses to "Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards Carry Him Up the Great Wall of China (PICTURE)"

  1. Teen.com
    nina says:

    hahahaha i love him so much and i’m not 10 i’m 17 so haters go find someone else to hate on

  2. Teen.com
    maria says:

    he is really ………………
    I mean why would he do that? most of my family don’t like the way he is now he’s so selfish

  3. Teen.com
    V. says:


  4. Teen.com
    Megan Jones says:

    What I don’t understand about this is why is everyone getting mad at him for using his body guards like that?

    I mean honestly if you could wouldn’t you want someone to carry you up the Great Wall of China? Cause I know I would

  5. Teen.com
    Samantha says:

    Wow, what a great example he’s setting to his 10-year-old fans!

  6. Teen.com
    meme says:

    he’s very talented, but sometimes I really don’t know what goes through his mind…

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