One Direction Announces 1D Day, Two Days Prior to ‘Midnight Memories’

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YouTube (One Direction)

Got any plans set for Saturday, November 23, 2013? Doesn't matter, because wherever you are, you can still celebrate One Direction's newly-announced 1D Day.

In a just-released video posted on the British boy band's official YouTube channel, the five lads reveal to the world their plans for the special occasion. Since they have such love for their fans, and appreciate all the support they've received over the past three years, they're giving Directioners the opportunity to enter into their lives through a seven-hour live broadcast with 'em.

But, according to Niall Horan, this is no ordinary livestream: "There will be celebrity guests, special features, and you will get the chance to suggest ideas for the show."

For more details on the big day — which is just two days before the release of the lads' third studio album, Midnight Memories! — visit What do you think of the idea? Are you planning on tuning in? Tell us in the comments below, or on our One Direction message board!

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  • Victory Dingle

    Hey One Direction how are you guy. I try finding you guy on the
    Facebook I can not find you guys at all. I want Louis Tomlinson
    And Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne,and Zayn Malik be my
    friends on the Facebook you guys please can you find me on the
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    All ok my first name is Victory Amanda Dingle my nickname is
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    Favorite sports is soccer and football my favorite movies is
    Friday the 13th, one direction this is us that movie you guys did
    I watch it on my tv I do not have is at all need I want it is so good
    and cool Louis Tomlinson you are very hot, sexy, good looking,
    cute in that movie I have tattoo on my arm of my grandpa one first
    latter of his name and his midder first latter of midder name and
    first latter of his last name my grandpa die I was 13 year old long
    time all go he die I am cry right now I miss him a lot Louis
    Tomlinson do you have a girlfriend yes or no you pick one all ok
    I like to draw pictures, sing, puzzles, I like watch movies and watch
    Tv show can you guys please try me on the Facebook or you can
    Call me at this number (480)694-6360 all ok I in love with you Louis
    Tomlinson, I like you Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and
    Zayn Malik too I wish I can meet you guys my address is 252 E
    Jumpier Mesa, Az I love you One Direction Victory Dingle I go by
    Vicky Dingle

  • zayn

    i love id

  • Sarge

    I think you mean it’s The Day of The Doctor.

  • taylorlover

    why do drirections hate tay?

  • E

    oh yay:/

  • id lover

    i love you guys. i love zayn so much. i would be so happy to see one direction.

  • 1Dlover2546

    i lolovhave evr seen. i love you guys. ii like zayn then harry then louis theniall then liam
    e onedirection they are the best band i

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  • Kourtney

    Totally !

  • lena

    no november 23rd is the day of the doctor

    • Tris

      I know! Doctor Who forever!

    • IAmTheDoctor

      I KNOW RIGHT?! It’s the day of a doctor and always will be.

    • Me

      Exactly!! One Direction should have taken all fandoms into consideration when planning this. There are 365 days in a year, how hard can that be? Now whovians/directioners will have to choose. This isn’t right.

      • meeee

        Its not their fault its ‘The Doctors Day’ they didn’t get to choose the date. Their management probably did. 1D day is once buy theirs also ways you catch up on Dr.Who… sooo