The Emotional ‘Glee’ Tribute Songs to Cory Monteith (a.k.a. Finn Hudson)

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It'll be a tough week for Glee fans everywhere as "The Quarterback," the episode dedicated to Cory Monteith and his beloved character, Finn Hudson, airs this Thursday. We've already seen the emotional promo, but now all of the songs for the tribute show are available, and they're just as heartbreaking as you thought they would be.

Ryan Murphy tells reporters, "[The episode] was very difficult to shoot. Those actors and the crew really loved Cory. They loved Cory… He was the most kind, the most generous, never a bad word for anybody. So I think what you will see in the episode is what really happened. Almost everything in that episode is from the first take of every performance. The actors and crew had a really hard time shooting it. I've never seen a crew where you can’t continue shooting it because they left the room sobbing. It was very hard. I struggled working on it because what you're seeing is not just what people felt about Finn, but Cory."

Before Finn's farewell, you can hear all of the tracks for "The Quarterback" below. After the episode, the FOX dramedy will be going on hiatus until November. Please, feel free to discuss all your feelings about Glee in the comments below, or on our message board.

Rachel – “Make You Feel My Love”

Artie & Sam – “Fire and Rain”

Santana – “If I Die Young”

Mercedes – “I’ll Stand by You”

Puck – “No Surrender”

Mercedes, Santana, Kurt, Puck, Tina & Mike – “Seasons of Love”
Learn more about the Glee farewell to Finn!

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  • Vega

    We love you Cory. We miss you. RIP Cory Monteith

  • sarah

    i have always loved cory. cory is just such an inspiring person and i couldn’t believe he was really gone. i will always miss him and he’s forever in all of our hearts. r.i.p. cory monteith.

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  • Mary

    I balled my eyes out almost the entire episode. :(

  • Gabby

    This so sad i wish hope racheal and everyone. Im so sorry. R.I.P Cory

  • Victoria

    Make you feel my love <3 RIP Cory <3

  • Nina

    Its really painful to Rachel , :'( it made me cry .

  • Lila

    I seriously just cried listening to these songs. So beautiful and emotional. This episode is going to make me cry a river. Rest in peace Cory! <3

  • Carter

    Words can not describe my love for Glee. It has always been my favorite show since it first started. I shipped Finnchel from the first season. I had always hoped they would end up together in the end. I was heart broken when I got the news. I saw it on the internet and prayed it was a rumor, then when it came up on GMA I new it was true. My heart goes out to all of his family and friends and especially Lea. She loved him in real life too and it just breaks my heart. I know I’ll be balling when the episode airs. I just want to say RIP Cory, you will be greatly missed by everyone.

  • Sam

    These songs make me so sad because you can hear how sad each one of them truly are especially Lea. We love you Cory and always will. Please rest in peace and thank you for showing us all your wonderful talents.

  • Sammy

    These are beautiful covers!

  • Nikki

    Just listening to these songs brings tears to my eyes. You can hear the emotion in all of them, and I DREAD seeing it played out on screen, because we all know that it’s not just acting in this episode. I don’t think there will be any dry eyes coming from Gleeks on Thursday night… saying goodbye to not only a character that we loved, but also an actor that was well loved, as well. Rest easy, sweet boy. <3

  • Sarah

    I am really happy they did an episode for him, I just don’t think I can watch it without crying. He was amazing and didn’t deserve to go so young. R.I.P Cory. I will forever love you.

  • Sally

    This is just too sad. I cried at Lea’s and Mark’s songs. Cory, you are muchly missed!! I’m going to watch Glee for the first time this week. I haven’t watched since end of season 3, but i want to pay my respects.

  • Samantha

    RIP Cory. We love you.