Redhead, Brunette or Blonde(-ish) — How Do You Prefer Ariana Grande?

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Demi Lovato's not the only one showing off a new hair hue this week — Ariana Grande just debuted a lighter lock look. And it's H-O-T, hot, hot, hot!

While promoting her Nick show in the UK this past Monday, the 20-year-old took pictures with a more blonde shade. So, now that you've seen her basically in every way in regards to her tresses — redhead, brunette and now blonde(-ish), we want you to answer this: Which way does the Sam & Cat star look her absolute best? Obvs, it's a matter of opinion, so we wanna know yours!

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16 Responses to "Redhead, Brunette or Blonde(-ish) — How Do You Prefer Ariana Grande?"

    Kathleen says:

    red is my favorite but I also like the blonde

    Ashley says:

    Brunette love it she’s a doll

    Kennedy says:

    I like her red and brunette.

    Ariel1227 says:

    i love her bright red hair!!

    Joanna says:

    I like the blonde-ish the best

    Laura says:

    I love her hair anyway, but my favourite is either the ombre or brunette.

    Hazel says:

    She looks better as a brunette..

    maddie says:

    i love the blond then red then brunette

    Jennifer says:

    She looks pretty with any hair color :)

    Sammy says:

    She looks beautiful either way!

    meme says:

    I think it’s always nice, but I love it when her hair was a ombreish light brown, earlier these months :)

    Samantha says:

    She looks beautiful anyways! I don’t care if she change her hair color, because she still looks pretty.

    Alicia says:

    I seriously love her red hair, she’s the reason why I wanted to dye my own hair red, I loved it so much! But I gotta say, I’m loving the blonde hair too!

    Alicia says:


    kaelie says:

    i think she should stay brunette. #justmyopinion

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