40-Year-Old Carl McCoid Inks Himself with 20+ Miley Cyrus-Related Tattoos

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Facebook (Carl McCoid Miley Cyrus Tattoos)

Facebook (Carl McCoid Miley Cyrus Tattoos)

Everyone, meet Carl McCoid, a 40-year-old man from the UK — with over 20. Miley Cyrus. Tattoos.

Now, you might be familiar with Carl’s work already. He first made headlines when he only had 15 tattoos of the “We Can’t Stop” singer (ha, “only” 15) back in summer 2012. But now, with the release of the 20-year-old’s Bangerz album this past week, he’s got some fresh ink to share with the world.

Last week, Carl posted a random picture of Miley with her tongue hanging out (surprise, surprise) on his Facebook page, saying that the photo was a mock-up of what he’d be getting as his 20th piece of ink. He now displays it proudly on his right side:

Facebook (Carl McCoid Miley Cyrus Tattoos)

Facebook (Carl McCoid Miley Cyrus Tattoos)

As for #21, the UK-born man felt it necessary to honor the release of Bangerz with it’s name and font emblazoned across the top of his back:

Facebook (Carl McCoid Miley Cyrus Tattoos)

Facebook (Carl McCoid Miley Cyrus Tattoos)

There are just so many things we could possibly say about this. But nevermind what we think, we wanna know YOUR thoughts. Does this Smiler go too far? Or are you totally feeling Carl’s dedication? Weigh in via the comments below, or on our Miley Cyrus message board!

SIDE NOTE: Were you a fan of our Miley Cyrus ban? #MileyMute

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33 Responses to "40-Year-Old Carl McCoid Inks Himself with 20+ Miley Cyrus-Related Tattoos"

  1. Teen.com
    Steve , carls boyfriend says:

    I love them I think Carl looks really good guess where we are going to have Wrekin ball wrote on him?

    Other people are just envious of my Carl .

  2. Teen.com
    Vivian says:

    He obviously won’t get a girlfriend anytime soon, or ever

  3. Teen.com
    james says:

    fuck you assol

  4. Teen.com
    Scarlet Hampton says:

    I mean do whatever makes you happy, but he could have definitely gotten a better tattoo artist to do the portrait. It looks too shotty.

  5. Teen.com
    Virgen says:

    that Tattoo sucks

  6. Teen.com
    Kelly Ann Lingo says:

    Miley’s fade on his side looks more like Nicolas Cage

  7. Teen.com
    Truth says:

    He just took faggot to a whole new level.

  8. Teen.com
    Kelly says:

    The Miley tattoo looks more like Nicolas Cage

  9. Teen.com
    Skyy says:

    kind of creepy if you ask me..

  10. Teen.com
    Satan says:


  11. Teen.com
    Brittney says:

    Um, when did his obsession begin? when Hannah Montana started? Just gross I’m sorry. I wouldn’t want some 40 year old man covered in tattoos about me

  12. Teen.com
    GrammarNazi says:

    Someone tell her it’s Gif’s, not “Jif’s”. It’s a G, so it’s pronounced like “Gigs”m the letter G!

    • Teen.com
      TabbyKnows says:

      Actually no, it is properly pronounced “Jif.” Look it up. c:

      • Teen.com
        Ben says:

        Ahh it is GIF, look it up. Hahaha It stand for Graphics Interchange Format, so it’s as in ‘G’ as in graphics not ‘J.’


      • Teen.com
        Pascal says:

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  13. Teen.com
    justin says:

    wow that guys tattoo artist is shit look at that portrait her left eye is destroyed lmao and the teeth look like gum shoved in her mouth and i feel bad for this guys family

  14. Teen.com
    Jafar says:

    Fucking Niggers

  15. Teen.com
    Stana says:


  16. Teen.com
    Victoria says:

    It’s just tattoos. People get tattoos of their favorite musicians/singers… Etc all the time. Does it suddenly become “inappropriate” , “disgusting” or “attention seeking” when it’s a male with tattoos of a female singer? Who cares. Women can get tattoos of their favorite male singers/ bands, whatever… But that’s okay? Let people do what they want to do with their lives. Why do we care so much about what other people are doing? Cause you know who eventually ends up winning? NO ONE. We all just end up dying.

    • Teen.com
      Hannah says:

      Well no, the fact that its miley isn’t the issue here…
      its the fact that these tattoos are pretty meaningless in the long run and he has them FOREVER, he will really really regret doing this later on in life…

      I mean, I totally understand if he maybe got one or two dedicated to miley, like a lyric and her name or something, but this is reeeally out of hand, its kinda creepy too :/ If I was miley, I wouldnt want some 40+ guy covering his body in pictures of me that will be there until he dies

      • Teen.com
        Benjamin says:

        He’s already fucking forty, I doubt he’ll regret anything later. If anything he’ll be just as insane as he is now.

  17. Teen.com
    Deborah says:

    So sick of Miley -_- Wish we could literally mute her for an indefinite period of time

  18. Teen.com
    Stacy says:

    Big fan of #MileyMute!

  19. Teen.com
    Arora says:

    I don’t really understand why Miley Cyrus was banned for ’1 week.’ What is that one week going to do? We all know that Teen.com would be posting about her like nothing happened. LOL What do you know…

  20. Teen.com
    France says:

    Banned from teen.com? DUH It’s not like she’s constantly throwing herself at you guys.. It’s you who make articles about her. GOD!

    I like the tattoos, man!

  21. Teen.com
    Red says:

    I think he has some mental health issues. To have over 20 tatts of a GIRL who also mental health issues is just DISGUSTING.!!

    • Teen.com
      Anonymous says:

      This really is no different than other people who ink themselves with their favorite artist or even the guy with the Disney tattoos. But, are you a qualified psychiatrist to say that both of them have mental illness? I didn’t think so. So before you go spouting off about people you don’t know having mental problems maybe you should get yourself checked first.

      • Teen.com
        Stasia says:

        No it isn’t any different than any one else who does this, but that doesn’t dispute the fact that it’s still creepy! You don’t have to have a degree to know someones messed up in the head, So you just need to take a chill pill and shut it cause no one wants to deal with some attention seeker who just wants to argue. Its the comment section of a teenage- aimed website, go find some other place to do this.

  22. Teen.com
    Megan says:

    This is very disturbing! He is twice her age! I personally think that he has something wrong with him mentally and this feeds into some type of need he has for attention. Otherwise, he’s a stalker and has issues with obsession. Not many people will get any tattoos relating to someone they like let alone 21…wow!

  23. Teen.com
    Sammy says:

    That’s just creepy!

    • Teen.com
      Adrienne says:

      His tattoos aren’t even good. LOL It makes me laugh because she looks even creepier as a tattoo.

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