The Jonas Brothers Cancel Their 2013 Tour. Are They Headed for a Split?

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Instagram (@jonasbrothers)Yikes! While anxious Jonas Brothers fans have been waiting for the trio's tour to start — tomorrow! — the family's decided to cancel all of the performances. Say WHA-?!

According to the JoBros' spokesman, Jesse Derris (via PEOPLE), the reason behind the startling news is that "there is a deep rift within the band. There was a big a disagreement over their music direction."

Apparently, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas got in to a serious argument over the weekend. So much so, that they called off their 19-date tour.

What happens next? Well, first off, fans should know that they will be refunded, so at least that's something. As for the band, their rep says, "It remains to be seen." Umm, that doesn't sound promising. Adding fuel to the fire, TMZ reports that the trio's "close to breaking up… They are going in three different directions and the band has lost its identity."

Jeez, that must've been one nasty fight. Were you supposed to go to one of the shows? And how would you feel if the Jonas Brothers broke up? Spill in the comments!

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  • Emma

    I think this was very sad news. I immediatly thought of that Kevin is having a baby and thought that maybe was the reason. I get that they want time of their own. What I don’t get is that they cancel an entire tour to the fact that they “fight”. It’s their job and they have to put their differences aside when performing. Think of all those commited fans that have been there from day one? without them they wouldn’t even be where they are today. I personally have been a fan of the bro’s since I was a kid, you can say I grow up with them. It would be heartbreaking to see them split…

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  • carson

    I’m so upset by this, I have been a fan since 07 and my friend and I had 6th row seats for this tour. I’m upset that it was taken away from me in a blink of an eye the week before I was going. What upsets me most is that the fans didn’t hear it from the boys first. It’s been almost 2 days and not one of them have put out a statement to let the fans know whats going on. I really hope they dont break up but I think if the fight was realy over “music direction” they could have still gone on tour and performed their old songs instead of letting all their fans who have stayed with them all these years down. Also they are brothers and it was only 19 dates they still could of went on tour. I’m just not happy with what went down and I hope the fans and I get answers from the boys themselves soon.

  • Sarah

    It was bound to happen, I am sad but its the truth. Kevin is having a baby, Joe seems to be in a committed relationship and Nick is just being a single twenty-one year old man and it is probably just time for them. I feel bad because of the tickets sold to the fans, but I think it is just time for them to go their separate ways.

  • Sammy

    I don’t like their music anyways.

  • melissa

    lol but they’re brothers so no matter how big the fight they cant avoid each other bc theyre stuck with each other forever

    • Kennedie

      Haha so true Melissa lolz

    • Luna


  • Patrice