POLL: Who’s the Best Young Female Vocal in Pop Music Today? Vote!

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Best Young Female Vocal in Pop Music 2013

There are plenty of musical acts that will forever go unmatched — Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Adele… You get the picture. But in a recent interview, Katy Perry was caught saying that Ariana Grande has “literally the best voice. I love her. I think she has the best female vocal in pop music today. She has literally the best voice; the best voice live. She kills it. She’s so good.”

That got us to thinking about a bunch of other young popular female musicians. Do you agree that Ariana really is the best? (In our opinion, she does sound like a baby Mariah, so…) Or is there someone else that can top her vocals? Vote in our poll or, if you don’t see your fave on the list, shout out names in the comments! Remember — YOUNG. POP. FEMALE.

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  • brenda

    i hate zendaya

  • Selena Gomez

    Ariannagrande Selena is a great singer u sing like a dying cat so just back off of her

  • arianagrande

    Ariana all the way. She certainly has the best voice in the music industry today. How is selena even on here? She sings like a dying cat! She is literally the worst role model ever, I don’t know how kids like her.